Ensuring Social Distancing Compliance in the Workplace

Nobody has perhaps felt the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic quite like white-collar corporations, whose core operational structure plays out in the typical office space. Going forward though, the reality is that a new way of living and working will simply have to become part of proceedings, so we might as well do the hard yards now and explore some practical ways of ensuring something like social distancing in the workplace.

New SHE code of conduct

Normally, any corporation’s own version of the Safety Health and Environment officer is one of the employees who has other professional responsibilities that fall more in line with the core offering of the company. Perhaps it’s time for them to make the complete transition into being a dedicated SHE officer.

Their new core responsibilities would then logically be centered on the re-writing or amendment of the existing SHE code of conduct. This would include requisite social distancing regulations and perhaps headlining the new modus operandi.

The SHE’s new responsibilities might also include stocking up on face masks and sanitation supplies in Southern Idaho (or wherever the office is located). Needless to say, the priority is to keep everyone safe, no matter what measures are taken. This way even employees will know it’s serious business and they’ll ensure to honor the social distancing rules.

Get the staff involved

It’s always a good idea to get a start in anything you want to achieve, instead of first sitting down and opening up the door to paralysis of analysis. There are some general guidelines publicised for social distancing and how to ensure it, so start there.

Fingers-crossed it all works out smoothly from the get-go, but the likelihood is that you’ll have to take a more active role in ensuring your staff adheres to what will naturally be a new set of workplace conduct rules. Get them involved in the re-designing of the workplace conduct regulations, which would mostly be on a feedback level. What’s the reality they face with having to remember how far away to sit or stand from each other, for instance? Would it be better if face-masks were provided at work?

Re-designing the office space

Those of us who were complaining about the seemingly “disposable” nature of modern day consumer goods, such as construction materials, upholstery, etc, are being made to eat some humble pie. It turns out to be an advantage being able to redesign interiors as and when the need arises and there’s a need right now.

Placing stickers on the ground to mark social distancing visual-guides makes for a great part of the greater process of ensuring it, but re-designing the office space is inevitable if you’re looking at making sure of it in the long-term. Therefore, with keeping the long-term goals in mind, if the employer were to purchase office furniture (from sites like https://www.belleze.com/office, for example) or introduce separate cubicles for employees to ensure that there is enough space between each of them, most of their efforts can be considered reasonable. After all, re-designing has become more than a necessity these days!

Leading suppliers of modern style office furniture have wasted no time in tailoring their solutions to the needs of the average corporation, in line with all the regulations required around social distancing.

The way forward takes into account the need to maintain maximum productivity while ensuring the health and safety of workers and clients who might be coming in for something like a consultation. So we’re looking at the likes of upholstered, three-sided containment screens, mobile sanitising units, adjustable pods, etc.

Productivity and safety will have to be married!