Easy Life Office Storage Ideas

rectangular brown wooden table

Clutter is one of the things that destabilizes one’s mind and thought process. Suppose you run a home office. Consequently, you will know what it means to get work items mixed up with other stuff or perhaps have children displace office items in their playful moments. This calls for an organized storage facility (maybe prefabricated sheds in your backyard?) or system. Vertical storage, wall cabinets, and removal of extra clutter could always help you. Who knows, it just might be the case that you may be space-constrained and thus, would need ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Here are some easy home office storage ideas that will make your working from home a pleasant experience.

Hide Away in The Wardrobe

Every so often, you want to take a breather from the workload and work thoughts. There’s no better way than creating your home office in an extra wardrobe. Use the shelving and make a few adjustments to create a work table in there, as part of the wardrobe. The shelving adjustments will allow you to have your files and documents and day to day stationery in plain sight. And once you want a breather from work, you close the doors, and Boom! Your office is out of sight, and you can get into a relaxed mode without feeling pressured.

Recycle Glass Jars

Glass jars of various sizes work very well to store small items like thumbtacks, paper clips, sticky notes, rubber bands, staples, etc. You can arrange them neatly on an open shelf for easy access. They will also give the room aesthetic value. If you’re into decorative stuff, you can add ribbons at the top for a pretty look.


Boxes provide a great way to store away books that aren’t needed daily or store your files that you only require at the end of the month to make payments, like utilities. They are also suitable for storing printing paper, a guillotine, or a laminator. Basically, any stationery used infrequently needs not to take precious space on the tabletop or working surface.

Filing Cabinet

A filing cabinet is almost inevitable in any office setup. It is the most convenient way to store files. To make it more suitable for the home, you can get creative and minimize that industrial feel. Depending on what tickles your fancy, you can either paint it or play around with additions on the handles to add a decorative touch to it.

Self Storage Units

When you need extra room to store your belongings, self-storage is a service that enables individuals or companies to rent safe and comfortable storage units. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, Storloft Storage Toronto could be a good choice. These types of services also run promotions that can be helpful, particularly if you’re looking to declutter your office space.

Play with Your Walls

Your walls make for excellent office storage space. You can either build box shelves or use rods and clips to create hanging storage. This allows the surfaces to have more room for items like laptops and printers. If you opt for box shelves, add small decorative items like toys or shells to break the book’s arrangement’s monotony. If you opt for the rods and clips system, you can hang wire baskets where you can place sticky notes or your kindle; items you use frequently but need out of the way when not in use.

Upcycle Baking Trays

Baking trays have depressions that come in handy for storing small items like staple pins, thumbtacks, paper clips, erasers, etc. All those little items that may otherwise get displaced or be hard to find when most required. If you’re into colour, you can give them a paint job before upgrading them to office use from kitchen use.