Does Your Workplace Reflect Your Personality Type?

Your workplace reflects your personality type. By looking at one’s office desk, we can infer a lot about the person’s personality type who works from there.

The place and space that you work from is indeed an important part of your life. As you spend considerable time in your workplace, it indeed gets to reflect your personality type – even if you do not wish it to be so!

Just a glance at your office desk, people get to know about your working style, hobbies, interests, and preferences. You also have the liberty to see at your colleague’s office table to know about how organized they are. Office desks at an organization inform you how many in the office like to indulge in snacks and food when working!

Our office desk says a lot about us than just our wallpaper preference. So, let’s explore what our workplace tells about us.

Cluttered desks

‘Organized chaos’ is an apt face that defines the workplace of many. Of course, it involves a lot of chaos than organization! At least one employee in any office whose desk is cluttered like anything with a mess of personal items, scattered stationery, and a shuffle of important files. If you are searching for something, small or big, important or unimportant, there is a heavy chance that it can be hiding in the office desk of that Mr Clutter of your office.

Though a cluttered desk is not so great to look at, people who work from a cluttered workplace are invariably friendly folks who are outgoing. They are also creative and give more importance to the actual work than to just the workplace looks.

But, undoubtedly, persons with cluttered desks are the least organized individuals. If such a messy person is in your work team, then you need to ensure that they are on track with their task.

In case if you are that one with the messy office desk, make it a point that you do a clear-out at least once a week. It will save your colleagues from becoming anxious that the clutter of your work table may spread to their work desks.

Minimalist desks

An organized desk with minimal required items indicates a person who believes in structure, and such a person is someone you can rely on, especially when you have a stringent deadline. They are the good ones to help with multiple projects across several teams. 

When you walk into an organization, it is wise to look for a ‘minimalist desk’ to approach as the person behind it is usually known to keep things simple and practical. Such a personality helps avoid the excess items that may come in the way and prevent you from achieving the goals. 

Those who keep their work desk clean and clear are usually hard-working people keen to make the most out of every workday. But such people are usually perceived to be boring and considered to lack a personality at all.

Personalized desks

Some people personalize their office desks with photos, plants, and ornaments to make them look interesting. Those things indeed reveal a lot about their personality type.

People who operate from personalized desks are outgoing and are highly creative. They are open, transparent, and express their interests without hesitation. They feel at ease in the office as having the personalized items on the desk gives them a sense of belongingness and inspires them to go after enhanced efficiency.

Personalized desks with personalized items can be an excellent conversation starter. But some people may find it annoying to see things unrelated to work on display.

Encroaching desks

In an office, all employees get a fixed amount of workspace. But for some people, this set space seems to be not enough. These encroachers will spread their items to others’ desks without worrying about them at all. If you are seated next to such encroaching personalities, you can consider half of your office desk is not yours at all! If you are an encroacher by yourself, it will be better to change one’s attitude and respect other people’s boundaries. Stop overstepping and mean desk-stealing attitude.