Creating and nurturing the bond between grandchildren and grandparents

Did you ever wonder how some of the grandparents tend to have very close relationships with their grandchildren and some others don’t? What is the underlying mystery that helps in building this close bond? Research reveals the secrets but they are mostly unknown by most grandparents. While there are resources like Spectrum Healthcare from where you may get to know about the things grandchildren can do for grandparents, there’s more to it than just that.

There are several factors that have to be taken into account in order to nurture this special relation which doesn’t continue for a very long time due to the old age of the grandparents. Read on.

Fostering a cordial grandchild-grandparent relationship

  • Physical proximity

It is not at all surprising to note that geographic closeness is definitely one of the biggest predictors of a close relation between grandchildren and grandparents. For few grandparents, this factor can definitely be out of control as most live abroad these days. In that case, you can use local flower delivery services in Coburg (if that is where they live) and make them feel loved and remember by having flowers delivered to them. There are other factors like the financial and health status of the grandparents that can also limit traveling. Geographical distance is not too important for the grandparents who are healthy, fit and financially able to bear the cost of frequent trips to their grandchildren.

Older grandchildren tend to love text messaging only when their grandparents are also responsive. They use different social networking sites like Facebook to stay in touch with their family members. Take a look at Scicorp International to know more on single-family bonding.

  • Frequency of touch

Grandparents who are usually in touch with their grandchildren often have close relationships. For them, physical distance is never the only impediment to contact. Parental divorce has a dramatic effect the contact between grandparents and grandchildren. Most often, the contact increases between the parents and his custodial parents and get in touch with their grandchildren.

  • The emotional bonding

Though there are many cases where grandchildren and grandparents report mutual closeness, yet they are also of the opinion that the extent of closeness is higher than the younger generation. Whenever families work in the manner they should, children stay closer to their siblings and parents. Grandparents are the second tier of emotional proximity.

On the other hand, grandparents live in a world of shrunken circles as their relatives and peers die or move away due to serious health issues. This is the time when the grandchildren occupy a special place in their lives. Grandparents who tend to develop emotional bods with grandchildren will recognize the importance of those bonds. These bonds survive the passage of years and the changes that the generations go through. Research shows that the generation in between plays a vital role in analyzing and building this closeness. Click here now to know about the various hobbies that you can share doing with your grandparents or grandchildren in order to spend quality time.

Besides everything, grandparents are the stronger versions of your parents and you should try your best to build a strong and everlasting relationship.