Businesses Need To Learn That Customers Are Not Always Right

We have all heard the dialogue “customer is always right” but in practice, things are a lot more complicated than a corporate slogan. When you perceive customers as the king of any negotiation then you are harming your business. You or your customer cannot take full control of a conversation. As a rule of thumb, your business depends on the way you treat your clients but you have to remain firm on being impartial towards them. Here are some of the negatives of undue customer appreciation from The Business Online.

It creates displeasure among employees

You should balance your goodwill between customers and employees. Your approval of an unreasonable customer can create a negative attitude among your employees. More than often business owners who go after the “always right” methodology disappointment their team. Resentment in the workplace can lead to discomfort and an eventual loss. Favoring a customer is acceptable as long as they do not try to take excessive advantage of the deal. The Business Online does not advise you to provide lousy customer service but the “always right” approach is counter-productive.

It supports up rough customers

Abusive customers tend to overuse their power in a business. There are a lot of people who will do just anything to get a better deal. Their offensive attitude not only irritates the employees but also poses a threat to your leadership. You should not treat abrasive customers in a special way. Example- Businesses try to soothe down a rude customer by apologizing and providing extra discounts.  The Business Online advises to be nice with genuine customers but one should not entertain a client who tries to play smart.

Not all customers are good for business

The majority of businesses try to rake in as many customers as possible but some of them are simply bad for the venture. You have to be sure about the dignity and work ethics of your employees instead of focusing only on making a profit. A business should not tolerate a customer who is rude to its employees.

A bad experience can create a negative mindset in your entire workforce. Make sure that you do not mistreat a customer. We know that it is always better to silently slide away from a toxic client. Also, do not punish an employee without proper investigation. Customers tend to make false complaints for the heck of annoying an employee sometimes.

It degrades customer service

Hal Rosenbluth, CEO of CareCam Health Systems, had impressive comments on a businesses’ priority. He stated that a business should always prefer its people over its customers. Hal claimed that the approach helps employees to prioritize customers over everything else. He noted that a happy workplace provides the best customer service.

The method is perfect for constantly motivating employees. Treat your workers with the utmost respect and they will imitate the same behavior with their customers. It’s a no brainer yet the majority of businesses fail to connect with their employees.

Your customers are your backbone but your employees are the sole of your organization. You have to treat your employees and customers with the utmost decency. However, take strong and bold decisions against them whenever needed.