An all-encompassing Roulette strategy

So, you’re ready to hit the reels and you’re looking for the best way to maximise your winning potential? That’s understandable, who wouldn’t? And the fact that you already understand that having an all-encompassing Roulette strategy is one of the best ways to guarantee you walk away with winnings is a great start! Roulette is an extremely exciting game, full to the brim with anticipation and it’s a game that has really stood the test of time, having been played for centuries without wavering in popularity. If you were to walk into a real-life land-based casino, you’d probably find the Roulette table front and centre, and it’s no wonder, because it’s one of the most popular casinos games in the world, with millions of players taking to the wheel in a bid to win a handsome fortune each and every day! From humble Parisian beginnings, the Roulette wheel is a firm favourite with fans, so let’s take a look at the best strategies fans employ to their Roulette bets at Thor Slots.

The Martingale Roulette Strategy 

One of the most popular strategies is the Martingale Roulette Strategy, not to be confused with the Nightingale, that’s a bird! You might be able to spot a player who is employing this strategy as they may look like they are placing their chips decisively with the confidence of an expert without taking too long to make a decision. So how does this strategy work? It is essentially based upon the method of doubling up your bets after a loss in order to try and recuperate the losses made previously as well as winning a slight profit whilst doing so. For example, if you were to place your bets on the single colour red and continue to double your losses until you hit a win, this will result in you recover your losses in the best-case scenario, although you would need to commit to contributing to double your bets after each loss in order for this to be effective, consistency is key in this strategy.  

So, now you know and understand the basic principles of this strategy, you can follow these strategy steps to implement it into your gameplay: 

First of all, look for a Roulette table which has a small minimum bet as well as a high maximum bet, this will allow you as much flexibility as possible and to start low and go up to a high amount of necessary. It’s very important to start small when using this strategy as if you don’t and you continue to encounter losses, there’s not much wiggle room for you to try and recoup your losses! Start simple, placing a bet on odd/even, red/black or 1-18/19-36 and if you win, keep those winnings and bet the same small amount that you bet the first time around – this way you will make small wins, but wins all the same. If you lose, double your previous bet and wager that amount on the next spin. For example, if you bet £1 and lost, bet £2. If you win, keep your winnings and then return to bet £1 again now that you have recouped your loss. However, if you were to lose again, you would need to double your bet to £4 in order to hopefully recoup your losses, and continue this pattern for as long as you can or until you reach the maximum betting for that table – this is why it’s important to find a Roulette table that has a low minimum and a high maximum! 

Although this is a very popular and simple Roulette strategy, it doesn’t come without its letdowns, so it’s important to understand that this strategy isn’t a fail-safe or a sure way to win, so be wary of this! It’s important when applying gambling strategies to understand the odds of the game so that you can have a realistic expectation and not have a fallacy in your mind. Roulette spins have odds of 50/50 or less so this strategy works best for players who are comfortable enough to wager larger bets to recoup your losses. 

The Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy 

Now you’ve got to grips with the Martingale Roulette strategy, you may wish to take a look at the reverse Martingale Roulette strategy, which is essentially the opposite of the Martingale Roulette strategy. So, instead of upping your bets each time you experience a loss, you increase your bets after you are on a winning streak and if you happen to lose, you reduce your bets. Why should you do it this way? The concept behind this strategy is to make the most of being on a winning streak and to play it safe when you’re on a downward spiral. However, there’s nothing to say that just because you’re onto a winning streak that your next bet won’t be a loss and vice versa, you just don’t know and can’t predict just how quickly the tables will turn! 

As might be expected given the name, this method of roulette gameplay is the opposite of the Martingale Strategy. Instead of raising your bets when you lose, the point is to increase them when you win and lower them after losses. The idea is that you’ll capitalize on hot streaks and keep your losses to a minimum during rough patches. This strategy can be seen to be quite risky, however, because if you lose, you lose your whole kitty. You really need Lady Luck on your side for this strategy to be successful and also you will need to have a good and level head on your shoulders so you know when to quit while you’re ahead before you lose your money!

Well, there you have it, one of the most popular and all-encompassing roulette strategies that can be effective and simple to follow. Although these are tried and tested strategies and some gamblers believe them to be successful, the Reverse Martingale Strategy especially can be a risky one, so make sure you understand these risks before making your mind up whether to use any of these gambling strategies when playing Roulette.

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