All you need to know about Dubai Creek Harbor

Majority of the world is aware of the fact that Dubai is a gorgeous city, which comprises of modern architecture. Similar to the level of the Eifel tower that has set an impression of love in the world, Burj Khalifa will be known as the icon of the current century. However, UAE is not the sort of country that would be settling for just the tallest building in the world, they want something better and more magical to be a part of them. Otherwise it will not be UAE. Just ten years after the Burj, tallest building of the world was developed, The Tower is expected to overshadow it. It will be taller and newer to be precise.

We all love the Burj Khalifa and do not look down upon it under any way. The development of The Tower can be considered as a battle among the same group because Emaar, is behind the mastermind. Although they have teamed up with Dubai Holding for this tower unlike the previous, Burj Khalifa. On the other hand, we are proud of the new development and cannot wait for it to be a part of the wonders of the world.

Just as we sit and wait, let us give you a look at the facts of the skyscraper and everything that surrounds the Dubai Creek Harbor. and for the best info on Saudi Family Visit Visa

Breaking all Grounds Even at the Beginning Level

The future of the architecture of Dubai Creek Harbour has been able to set all grounds even when it is at its beginning level. One hundred and forty barrette piles were utilized in making the foundation of the tower. Astonishing isn’t it? Other than that, the test run was performed at a base weight of thirty-six thousand tons. It is set to be the maximum weight that has ever been carried on a single pile up to today. As crazy as all of this sounds, you will be shocked to hear that it is just the start of everything.

Santiago Calatrava- The Genius Architect behind the Master Plan

The person, the mastermind, the genius behind this stunning piece of architecture is Santiago Calatrava. He is a known neo-futuristic architect, who is also a structural engineer, painter and sculptor. He is famous for his work that resembles live organisms. The most famous buildings that he is known for is The Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro and the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Inspired by The Minaret and The Lily Flower

The structure of the tower will be similar to that of a minaret, which you can usually spot on top of the mosques. A minaret is a traditional emblem for the Muslims that is used to call to prayer. Similarly, it is a very important symbol for the Islamic culture. Moreover, the design of the tower was also inspired by the Lily flower. Hence, the skyscraper will be lined with steel cables to the ground and would be resembling the delicacy and ribbings of the leaves of a lily.

Higher than the Burj Khalifa

Last October, during the ceremony, Michael Calatrava, Santiago’s son stated that he was unsure about what the height of the building was unsure about it for the Khaleej Times. However, later on, many of the sources has confirmed the height of the building. It is said to be 928 meters, a hundred meters higher than the Burj Khalifa. Despite the extraordinary height of the building, it is expected to be completed before the Expo 2020 at a cost estimated to be 1 billion USD.

Pinnacle Room

The top of the building has been reserved for the pinnacle room. It will be an oval bud with ten observation desks as well. The room will give a 360-degree view of the city. It is believed that it will be better than the view from Burj Khalifa.

VIP Observation Garden – Accessible to Certain Visitors Only

Along with the pinnacle room, the top of the building will also be featuring the VIP Garden Decks, which will only be accessible to certain visitors. These will be able to recreate the splendor of the hanging gardens of Babylon, thought to be the seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Featuring the Stunning Views of Downtown Dubai

The six square kilometer Dubai Creek Harbor will sit by the Dubai Creek. It is going to be located at a distance of ten kilometers from the Dubai Airport, making it an ideal spot for the globetrotters.

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