6 Things You Can Do to Make Money Online This Week

If you’re tired of your 9-5, or simply want to supplement your income, the internet is an excellent resource for locating extra money-making opportunities. With millions of websites and billions of users every day, the web provides countless ways to generate extra income, even within the timespan of just a few days. Here are six things you can do yo make money online this week. 

  1. Take Surveys 

Taking surveys online is absolutely a legitimate way to generate extra income. Survey sites pay via Paypal, paper check, or through gift cards; giving you plenty of options to receive your money once you’ve completed your tasks.

The best part about taking surveys is that they usually only take a few minutes, and if you want to make more money, you’ll often get access to other tasks such as watching videos. There are a variety of ways in which these sites provide their users with money-making opportunities, and all it takes is a quick sign-up to get started.

Sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks have paid out millions of dollars in benefits to their users; from gift cards to cash payments and more. If you’re still unsure about using a survey site to generate extra money, check out this Survey Junkie review. 

  1. Consulting 

Are you an expert accountant? If so, you could be offering consulting services online and generating extra income from the comfort of your home. No matter what field you’re versed in, there are likely people searching for help and advice in your niche who are willing to pay for that advice.

Consulting simply means giving advice and helping clients make well-informed decisions, or formulating plans to help with growth and outreach. This can be a simple, flexible way to generate a lot of extra income once your services become trustworthy and in high-demand.

  1. Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant acts as an assistant to an individual or business entity; providing a range of services including but not limited to: answering emails, managing social media, managing appointments and calendars, and more. 

Virtual assistants provide professionals and businesses with support from the comfort of their home or office; making the position flexible and affordable. Sites like UpWork provide an easily accessible and reliable platform for both assistants and potential clients to connect. Becoming a virtual assistant can be an easy way to generate the extra income you need this week,and you can get started right away! Just go to Upwork.com and sign up to start browsing for jobs.

  1. Tutoring 

There are dozens of subjects that people all over the world struggle with; from math to English to learning their first song on the piano. If you’re educated or proficient in a certain area, online tutoring can be a great option to help you start generating income quickly.

There are many tutoring websites available, like Tutor.com. These simple online platforms provide a secure way for tutors and students to meet and host tutoring sessions. The best part is, you can host a session from anywhere with an internet connection; giving you the ultimate opportunity for flexible income.

Some tutors make in upwards of $50/hour, so this is no simple minimum wage opportunity. Whether you’re tutoring a Japanese student in English or teaching your neighbor’s son Beethoven’s Fur Elise on Piano, online tutoring is the perfect platform to help you start generating income immediately. 

  1. Create a Course 

If you’re more interested in creating entire courses and generating passive income, using sites like Udemy to create a course on just about anything can be the right option for you. Perhaps you’re a professional musician looking to create a music course, or a finance expert looking to create a course on effective budgeting; whatever the case, sites like Udemy provide a secure platform where you can create and upload full courses that users will purchase again and again.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sell courses online while you’re sleeping? Your courses can be purchased any time of day, from anywhere in the world; so you’ll be making money even when you’re not working. 

  1. Freelance Writing 

If you’re an avid writer or already do professional writing for a living, why not lend your services to freelance writing? This flexible option allows you to make your own hours and decide your own rate, so you’ll have total creative freedom over your services. From freelancing often sprouts the seeds of a small business, so you might actually create a great opportunity for yourself by venturing into the freelance world.

Freelance gigs are available all over the web, and you can also start a blog to show off your writing skills. Your personal blog will act as a piece of your resume (provided it contains appropriate content) and can even generate money through ad revenue. Here’s more information on how to monetize your blog and make money online.

The Bottom Line 

There are plenty of ways to make money online, but these six are simple and can get you set up rather quickly generating money. If you have specific skills, don’t let them go to waste; put them to work in the endless opportunities the internet has to offer, and you’ll be making extra cash on a weekly basis in no time.