6 Reasons How Physical Metal Is Beneficial For Your Portfolio

If you are a young professional, investment matters would be the last thing on your mind. If responsibilities don’t pressurize you h, you will lookout for the latest iPhone models, sneakers, apparel or even holiday destinations.

Enjoying your money isn’t a bad thing; we all earn and work to enjoy life’s serene bliss.

But don’t you think that simply by putting a small part of your money in the right assets, you can have an even more prosperous future? We are talking about investing here. You might ask now, what is the best investment option?-physical metals like gold, silver, copper, platinum, and zinc.

Here are the top reasons why you could invest in one or all these metals.

Strategic value

All these metals have a very high strategic value. Since copper and zinc have defence applications, these metals are always in high demand.

Do you know that more than 90% of all the known copper reserves have been mined since 1900? And that this metal is regarded very highly by the Indian and Chinese economies for its defence applications? This is the reason why smart investors stock up on copper. You might also be interested in zinc, which is widely used in electric car batteries. As the demand for EV goes up in the future, so will the price of zinc.

Stored value

People have been buying gold in high volumes since ancient times. This metal has always been in high demand in Europe, Asia, Australia and even North America. The reason behind this high demand is the metal’s high stored value. People all over the world believe that gold has a very high intrinsic value that can be unlocked for hard cash in times of extreme need.

People fall back upon their gold reserves when their stocks hit rock bottom. Even governments use their gold reserves to safeguard international loans. Indeed, gold has a unique value when it comes to investing. If you are now convinced about the value of this yellow metal, consider buying it from trusted dealers like Auctus Metals. Buying gold and silver is as easy as picking your favourite stock. Start building up your gold portfolio by buying your first gramme of this yellow metal today.


You can’t sell off your real estate quickly to raise cash. It would take some time for that deal to materialize, and by the time you get your customer, the value of your asset might go down.

This doesn’t happen when it comes to gold, particularly. You can sell your metal as quickly as you can buy it, and at a good rate. There are enough dealers and precious metal buyers such as AU Precious Metal Solutions who are willing to buy your gold at a reasonable price.

No expert knowledge is needed

Buying stocks and real estate needs considerable knowledge. You should be able to track market trends, calculate various ratios like P/E, and do other complicated stuff. This advanced knowledge is not needed while buying precious metals like gold and silver. If you have money and inclination, you can go ahead and buy your precious metal.

Cushion against inflation

Gold and silver also act as cushions against creeping inflation. Prices of gold and silver do not come down because of general inflation. This means that even though your assets might depreciate because of inflation, your gold and silver prices will remain mostly untouched.

Buffer against a falling U.S. dollar

Many investors like gold because it acts as a buffer against a falling U.S dollar. When the dollar loses its value in international markets, it also affects your other investments, particularly in the real estate sector. Consider buying gold to protect your portfolio in the event of a falling greenback.