5 Ways to Enhance Your Office Space in 2021

As the new year gets underway, most people want a fresh start, especially after one of the most challenging years for businesses in recent history. 

People working in all industries have had to change the way they work. The vast majority have been forced to work from home while others have had to make drastic changes to the ways they operate their businesses.

Under such difficult and unprecedented conditions, many have realised the importance of creating an effective and comfortable work environment. But it’s not easy to create a space where you can be productive — whether you need to converse with colleagues without interruptions or find a quiet spot to inspire creative thought, there are plenty of considerations to make when looking for the perfect workspace.

Can Your Environment Affect Your Wellbeing?

Studies have shown that your environment can directly affect your mood. Even the amount of natural or artificial lighting can influence your inventiveness, so simply opting to work in a well-lit environment can enhance your efficiency and benefit your business. 

Since such small yet significant aspects can make or break your workspace, you should consider all of the elements that contribute to a positive and productive work area.

How to Upgrade Your Office Space

There are several things you can do to optimise your workspace. Whether you’re seeking new flexible office space for 2021 or you’re trying to make the best of your current working situation, you can take a few simple steps to create a workspace that’ll benefit your business:

  1. Find the best environment for you.

If you work best with plenty of people around to converse with and bounce ideas off, locking yourself away in your spare room is going to limit your capacity for creativity. Conversely, if you need some peace to work on a report or finalise some designs, setting up shop in a kitchen, lounge or communal space at home will create undue distractions. 

Although it might be tempting to work from your bedroom, this can create negative associations with your the place you sleep. Try and keep your workspace separate from places where you eat, rest and relax so that you can maintain a positive work-life balance.

  1. Let the light in.

It’s impossible to illuminate your ideas without adequate lighting. You might be rid of your dark and dingy office, but working from home with the blinds closed is going to negatively impact your productivity. Finding a space where there’s a stream of natural light — or the right kind of artificial light that won’t induce headaches — will make you feel more awake, more alert and allow you to work more efficiently.

  1. Get comfortable with the right furniture and fittings.

Teetering on a creaky kitchen chair or slouching on the sofa is going to wreak havoc on your body. Your back will ache, your neck will seize up and it will leave you feeling uncomfortable and unproductive. A sturdy, ergonomic office chair, a suitable work desk and plenty of free space will allow you to run your business without unnecessary and avoidable discomfort.

  1. Declutter and de-stress your workspace.

Even if you’re stuck working from home and unable to meet colleagues and clients face to face, your environment should be a reflection of your professionalism, not just your personality. Having a minimal or plain background behind you when using video conferencing software will keep the focus on the points you’re conveying, allowing you to make better use of meetings and ensure that your voice is heard.

Unsightly clutter, unwashed dishes and untidy spaces won’t give the right impression to your clients and colleagues, whereas clean and tidy workspaces will help you keep a clear mind, allowing you to focus on building your business and constructing a better future for yourself and your clients.

  1. Have everything you need at hand.

Having a fast, reliable internet connection, plenty of refreshments and a mail-management system will help you stay in the zone. Flexible office spaces can provide you and your business with first-class facilities, meaning you won’t need to reset your router every half an hour, run out to grab a sandwich or stop working to take deliveries.

Although seemingly small and insignificant, it’s these kinds of hindrances and distractions that detract from the important work you could be doing. Plus, when you eliminate these kinds of obstructions to efficiency, you’ll be able to make the best use of your breaks by getting some fresh air or doing some exercise, benefiting your overall wellbeing.

Rejuvenating Your Office Space

Having the right equipment, facilities and work environment can revitalise your business by giving your productivity a dramatic boost. Not only can positive workspaces greatly improve your day-to-day experiences, but it’ll also benefit your mental and physical health, helping to maintain morale and allow you and your coworkers to work consistently and effectively.