5 Top Tips to Improve Your HR Marketing

Human Resources (HR) departments are fundamental to the success of companies around the world. Therefore, there is huge pressure on HR teams to produce consistent results and be successful, from recruiting the best individuals possible to handling employee complaints and disputes.

Marketing is one of the keys to having an excellent HR department. If the marketing side of the equation is high-quality, then half of the battle is won. However, as any HR manager or professional will tell you, marketing isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

To help improve your HR marketing, this article has compiled some top tips for you to apply. These tips will give you long-term marketing stability.

1.   Focus on SMS and Email Marketing

Every HR department wants to hire the best and most exciting talent pool: fact. However, the challenge is successfully reaching these employees. After all, there are thousands of other companies out there who are also trying to hire the best employees in class.

The most effective way you can reach employee candidates is through SMS and email marketing campaigns. Research has shown that individuals engage a lot with the emails and texts they receive from companies, which is something you need to be aware of. So, the key is to build up a large database of employee candidate numbers and emails. From there, you can conduct high-quality campaigns where you send out mass messages to these candidates (for example, when your company has a new and exciting vacancy available).

When it comes to SMS marketing, you’ll need professional help. Learn more by checking out ActBlue integrations, who will help you to automatically add mobile phone numbers to your SMS marketing lists.

2.   Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Over the past decade, the marketing landscape has evolved beyond belief. Now, marketing has gone digital – and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are at the forefront of this. In 2021, over 90% of U.S marketers in companies used social media for marketing purposes, which highlights this change.

Therefore, your HR department needs to establish a presence on these social media platforms so that it can promote your business, grow your brand recognition, and ultimately increase employment appeal.

On social media, HR marketing teams can post interesting and engaging content, such as company achievements and employee case studies. Remember, it’s not all about promoting job vacancies and salaries – it’s about promoting company culture and creating a positive image.

3.   Post to LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a major tool for companies and their HR teams. LinkedIn is an incredible tool for discovering new employees and building relationships with candidates. You can send them invites, post vacancies, receive applications quickly, and so much more.

4.   Start a company blog

SEO marketing should be at the center of your HR marketing, primarily because it can drive website traffic and ultimately boost your visibility. Company blogs are a great way to promote SEO content, so it’s a good idea to launch one. You could post lots of interesting blog topics, which could range from your company achievements to industry opinions.

5.   Invest in paid ads

Paid ads can get you the exposure you need. You can pay for ads on endless platforms, from social media to YouTube and websites. Through paid ads, you can promote vacancies, company incentives, and other enticing content. Although paid ads can be costly in the short term, they have major long-term payoffs.