5 Tips for a Happy Office

Although you will obviously want to avoid offices feeling like recreational rooms, there is a lot to be said for creating a comfortable office environment. When you and your employees are more comfortable, you will all find it easier to work. Your staff are also likely to appreciate the fact that you have looked after them well, which can increase their loyalty towards you and your company. A loyal workforce is a hard working one. Therefore, if your employees could be more productive or your office is looking a little on the depressing side, liven things up with the following tips.

Water Cooler Machine

You will find that most modern workplaces have an office water cooler of some kind installed in them. Dehydration can lead to loss of concentration and reduced productivity. So, by providing a place where your workers can get an unlimited supply of fresh drinking water, you are giving them the chance to stretch their legs and keep their brains sharp and focused. Adequately hydrated individuals also tend to be less grumpy and have a more positive disposition.

Free Tea and Coffee

This next tip follows on nicely from the first. Everyone likes getting something for free and a great motivator for your employees to work hard could be providing free tea and coffee. Aside from the obvious benefits that come from caffeinated drinks, the extra fluids will, along with water, ensure they are not dehydrated and working at full capacity. Furthermore, the fact that you are providing these beverages for free will show you genuinely care about your staff. As a result, your employees will enjoy coming to work a little more and you will have a happier office.


Although it may not seem like the most obvious of choices, a dehumidifier can be a great way of creating a happier working environment. They are particularly useful in smaller offices, where there is less breathing space and the area can get stuffier quicker. A dehumidifier can help to clear up the air, and could be a more cost-effective investment than an air conditioner. You can check out some available here.

Comfortable Chairs

There have been a lot of developments in office furniture over the last couple of decades. When your staff have to sit for hours at their desk, if they have uncomfortable chairs, it can justifiably make them feel less than happy. It can also cause them numerous health issues. That is why you should invest in ergonomically designed chairs that provide lumber support for those in your workforce with bad backs.

Choose Better Lighting

Lighting can be a great mood enhancer, but it can also have a detrimental effect on mood too. Offices that do not have enough lighting or are poorly lit with the wrong colour of lighting can be drab, depressing and de-motivational. Therefore, invest in brighter, more natural lighting. LED lighting is great for this, as not only does it provide more realistic illumination, it is also more cost-effective in the long run too.

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