5 Things you should know before selling your gold

Gold jewelry is bought with a purpose in India, either to gift or use it as an asset after a particular time. When people seeing their gold item is getting old, they tend to monetize it. In most cases, it has been seen that money obtained after selling gold gives the right amount of cash or money.

If you are willing to sell your jewelry to gold buyers in Delhi, Gurgaon can be an important place. But, there are several things you must know before you decide to sell your jewelry, like where to sell gold in Gurgaon and the following mentioned things-

Shop around

It is never suggested to go with the first pick for selling your ornaments. It is always ideal for shopping around and asking for recommendations for a second hand gold buyer in Delhi and NCR. You can also search through the internet and look for the options. You can read their reviews as well as visit the website and read their terms & conditions. This can give a good idea about gold buyers in Delhi.

What’s it value?

It is imperative to have a complete understanding of the worth of gold that you are willing to sell. For this reason, take quotes from all possible gold buyers in Delhi, particularly in your neighborhood. As there is no standardized method to determine the selling price, but you may get convinced with any of those prices.

Keep invoice

When you are willing to sell your second-hand gold, you must keep all the details like an invoice before visiting the second-hand gold buyer branch in Delhi. Retaining your invoice would allow you to stand firm as a right gold buyer will always ask for the purchase document when you are at their branch.

Check purity

Purity checking of gold is another step that you have to look into. Before willing to sell it, check if your gold is hallmarked or not. Hallmark ensures the purity of gold jewelry. Any gold ornament with a 916 hallmark means it is 91.6% purity of gold for 22-carat gold. A reputed and reliable second hand gold buyer in Delhi prefers a 916 hallmarked gold over a non-hallmarked gold as it remains unauthentic.

If you don’t have any details about your gold item’s hallmark, take it to your nearest second hand gold buyer in Delhi and ask for the check. KARATMETER, a worldwide known for checking purity, can help you get the exact measurement at that branch.

Deciding the final price

Now when you have checked the purity and hallmark of your gold and you would be satisfied and completely ready to sell your ornament. You will go for deciding the final price. There are few things important apart from hallmark and purity and that is its making/labor charge. You must know that this charge gets deducted from your final value of the gold item that you want to sell.   

The majority of people don’t know about the exclusion of the labor or making a charge from the final price. If you already know this before selling, you will be mentally prepared for the exclusion.

Selling second hand gold for cash- A smart decision

Gold is one of the most worthy metals available around us. The price you receive when you sell gold ornament or any such item is also high. Also, most Indian households have a few gold items that are not in use. As such, it makes more sense to get rid of those items instead of keeping them in the locker for safety.

Gold jewelry remains not of much use after it gets old because the shape, design, and style of the ornament get outdated. As such, the jewelry loses its charm. Thus, sell it off and gain some cash in hand in return for it.  You can use that cash at several places. 

It can be utilized for making a new and strong investment, for laying newer ornament, or something else. Also, you can use this cash when you have some emergencies or clearing your pending dues.

Therefore, figure out where to sell gold in Gurgaon or Delhi and find the best available market price. However, you have to be sure about the gold buyer. This will help you get mentally relaxed for finding the resale price you are looking for. A reputed buyer would always be a good pick, not just for now but also for the future.

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