5 reasons you need lanyards at your next business event!

When you set up an event of any kind, you want it to run smoothly, safely and be memorable for all of the right reasons. Wristbands ae now a feature of many events and can be made from paper, cloth, plastic or even silicone and can be packed with technology.

It might seem like a simple thing, but wristbands can play a big part in ensuring that everything goes to plan, and here, We Print Lanyards provide their insight into the many benefits of having them at your next event!

1.      Event branding

You will want your event to be something that lives in the memory for some time to come, and your wristband can play a significant part in this as they can have some amazing custom branding adding to them.

Your wristbands can be made in a range of colours to suit your branding and can include the logo of your event. As something that will be worn for the entire duration of the event, and often for some time after, it can be a constant reminder of your brand that helps it to stick in the mind.

2.      Ticketing

Tickets at any even have been found to slow things down, but they are important to make sure that people only go where they are supposed to. A wristband can often take the place of your tickets, and by having them colour coded, your security can see at a glance whether someone has access to a particular art of the event.

Many wristbands are able to be scanned, which can also make gaining entry to your event, or a part of it, a much faster process, cutting down on both queues and arguments. By offering wristbands, you can also cut down on a lot of ticket printing, particularly if your event spans more than one day.

3.      Child safety

If children are allowed to attend your event, then wristbands can go a long way to keeping them safe. If they go missing, they can be identified through their wristband. You can also colour code your wristbands according to age to make it much easier to ensure that those who are underage are not served alcohol.

4.      Harder to lose

Anyone who has run an event in the past will know how many people manage to lose their tickets. Whether this is before they arrive or once they are in the event, it can be very easy to put things down, drop them or have them stolen. A wristband takes all of this away as it is something that the wearer does not need to think about again once they are on. They stay in place and do not fall off, so there is no danger of them disappearing underfoot or to the bottom of a handbag.

5.      Lasting memories

For many people, a wristband can form part of a lasting memory of your event. A great number decide not to remove them for a long time after the event has concluded, and when they are covered in your branding, it can mean that such a small and simple thing can act as 24-hour advertising for days, weeks or even months to come. Even when they are finally removed, they are often kept as mementos that people will revisit from time to time.

Wristbands are great from a practicality point of view as they can make the management of your event much easier. It is easy to see at a glance who people are and where they should be, ensuring that you can keep everyone safe and can concentrating on giving them the fantastic experience that they are there for.