5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is A Skill You Were Born With

Each one of us is born with the practical skills required to start a business- in 2020 the barriers to entry are simply having a smart idea and access to the internet. But are we all born with what it takes to become a true entrepreneur already inside us?

Rachel Martin is the founder of accountant_she, a female led accountancy firm which specialises in accountancy and tax advisory services for female entrepreneurs, influencers and creatives. Rachel always goes the extra mile for her clients by providing support, empowerment and positivity along the way. We asked her to share her insight into reasons entrepreneurship is a skill we are born with.

The Hustle

75% of small businesses are non-employers, meaning they are self-employed with no one else on their payroll. This makes 75% of small business owners their own marketing team, sales team, advertising team, finance team and their own customer service department. Working these roles alongside the actual bread and butter of a business very rarely falls inside a 9-5 working week, and requires some very serious graft which some people simply are not up to.

Entrepreneurs are the early bird. They do not wait for orders; they know when something needs to be done and they get it done. They do not need micromanagement and they want to be their own boss.

The Belief

As an entrepreneur, you believe in yourself. You have a core belief in yourself. You believe in your vision; you believe in your ability to achieve your goals and you believe that you will succeed in the long run. This type of big picture thinking is what leads entrepreneurs to sacrifice the short-term pain for the long-term gain. Believing in yourself makes even the largest dreams seem within reach. Sometimes you will face discouragement from people you trust, but your belief and passion resonate more strongly.

People think of entrepreneurs as bold risk takers who are not afraid of anything. Ironically, this is far from true. Insecurity often compels business owners to overachieve and to be hyper-focused on hitting goals through a fear of what may happen if they don’t. Insecurity is what keeps entrepreneurs up at night working on projects instead of being overconfident and assuming success.

The Spirit

Entrepreneurs are not like ordinary people. The willingness to take leaps of faith in pursuit of their dreams defines what others would categorise as insanity.

As an entrepreneur however, this is simply part of daily life. You are a different type of person altogether. You dream big, take risks, do what is necessary to achieve your goals and you will never stop until you’re there.

Entrepreneurs are like chameleons. Business rarely goes as planned and so they constantly need to think of new ways to accomplish their goals and to improve and drive their business to success.

The Understanding

Entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do, but let’s face it; to work that hard towards a business plan you need to care about the net outcome of that business plan, which ultimately is to make money. The entrepreneurs who are insatiable in terms of income are the ones who elevate their companies towards billion-dollar valuations, rather than selling out for a fraction of it.

They do not always play by the rule book- they know what they want, and they take it. They pay less attention to things that they do not feel are important. They would rather ask for forgiveness than permission and they refuse to let anyone stand in their way.

The Patience

When other people back away from a situation, entrepreneurs are the people who dive right in. They see challenges as opportunities to grow and they are not afraid of losing. While they thrive on difficulties, they are also resilient. Entrepreneurship can be tough, and so they rebound quickly from defeats and move onto the next victory.

About the Author

This article was written by Rachel Martin at Strivex. Strivex are Reading accountants you can rely on. Strivex can offer clear and reliable financial guidance, whether you manage your own personal finances or the finances of a business.