5 best Markers for Daily Use

A good pen is essential for everyone! Writing and art are appealing when there are colours and styles involved. Imagine going to an art exhibition and the art consists of dull, not so clear colours. Devastating! That is the only way to describe such a collection. 

This article discusses several marker pens that are readily available in the market for you..

Sharpie Permanent Markers, 12 Colours

These sharpie marker pens come in bright and beautiful colours. They last long and can be used on close to all kinds of surfaces. The tip is ultra-fine, thus suitable for writing.

BIC Metallic Permanent Markers, 8 Colours

It is a non-toxic, odourless permanent marker. The tip is fine, and the ink is bright. The pen has a soft rubber grip to prevent friction after long hours of use.

Ohuhu Dual Tip 40-Colour Markers

The pens come in box sets of either 40,60 or 80 vibrant colours. It has a dual tip, one fine tip, and a sizable slanted tip. The pens are stored in a stylish carrying case.

Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers

These are highly rated permanent markers, though, are quite expensive. Good quality, double-ended tips make it a lucrative pen.

Paint Pen Sharpies

Do you need to write on galvanized steel? This is your permanent marker. It can write on any surface and dries up fast. It has to be shaken before use since it is more of a paint pen than a marker pen.

What should you consider when buying permanent markers?

There are different aspects as an artist you need to consider before buying a sharpie pen. To buy a perfect permanent marker, you need to understand what kind of features are essential.


An excellent permanent marker needs to have its toxicity levels reduced close to the minimum. The chemicals used to make the feature could be detrimental to one’s health. You do not want children drawing on each other’s skin or eating the markers, yet they are toxic to some level.


Do you want to draw, write, colour, or mark items? Your needs direct you towards the kind of permanent markers needed. 


Some permanent markers have dual tips, while others have one fine end. Each end has its purpose.

Set size

Some brands sell their markers in a set of 40, 60, or 10. Others may not necessarily sell them in batches. A set size offers variety to choose from in one.


Different brands offer different colours and intensities of the colours—a variety to choose from.

Drying capability

An excellent permanent marker needs to be able to dry before it smears. This allows the arts clarity to be top-notch

Types of surfaces

Different markers are made for other surfaces, therefore selecting the best marker for your desired material allows you to get the precise art perfectly on the object.