4 ways to add value to your paper mailing bag for customers

When you are selling goods online, and particularly if you are just starting it is easy to overlook the importance of packaging. Whilst the product is, of course, the main thing, the package that it comes in will communicate the way you operate as a business to the customer and increase the likelihood of them purchasing from you again in the future.

If you are sending small items, paper mailing bags can be a great way to get the item to the buyer in a good time and in a respectable condition. The added benefit of them being recyclable will also be appreciated by the customer. However, the design of paper mailing bags can often be somewhat plain.

In today’s blog, we show you 4 ways to ‘pimp your paper mailing bag’ and increase its attraction to customers.

  1. Include your logo and branding on it

One of the simplest ways to upgrade the appearance of your paper mailing bags is to include your branding and logo on the outside. This will increase brand awareness and can be a good way to communicate a marketing message to the customer.

It is fairly simple to do! If you do not have the option of printing on the mailing bag, including a sticker with your logo can work just as well. You could also include some laptop stickers as a little treat which leads us nicely onto number 2.

  1. Send a little treat for the customer inside

One way that companies are starting to differentiate themselves from competitors when selling online is by offering little treats in the parcel they send. This can come in the form of sweets, chocolate, or even stickers (for reference, check StickerYou). This is a great way to make your paper mailing bag stand out in customer’s minds and separate yourself from the competition.

  1. Include carefully wrapped ribbon around the paper mailing bag

If you are looking for a cheap way to upgrade your paper mailing bag, some on-brand ribbon can be one of the best ways. Include some wrapped around the bag to help it stand out from the crowd and increase the perceived value of the product in consumer minds.

  1. Include a joke on the outside with the answer inside!

Our final tip for making your paper mailing bag stand out is by including a joke inside! This is a bit of a different one and do try to make sure the tone of the joke matches the brand but including the joke on the outside and the punchline on the inside could be a great way to add some anticipation!

Buy good quality paper mailing bags to make your life easier

The 4 different ways to upgrade your paper mailing bag we have listed above will help you to increase the overall quality of the buyer experience and improve your online store in the eyes of the customer.

To make sure all this good work is not undone, make sure you buy a good quality paper mailing bag that will protect the product and be resistant to any wear and tear that may occur in transit.