3 Ways To Be More Inclusive At Work

Owning a business comes with many challenges. Whether they be the face-value issues of owning a business or the happiness of your employees. Every issue is just as vital to address and in a world with so many different people with varying abilities, cultures, and religions, it is integral to strive to be as inclusive as you can be in the workplace. 

This guide will give you a couple of ideas about how to make your workplace more inclusive and prevent discrimination that may occur. 


You need to ensure that your HR department is as good as it can be. Good HR will be one of the backbones of your company and determine whether your employees like working for you or feel unheard, unappreciated, and silenced. 

You should endeavour to keep on top of your HR department and ensure they follow every guideline perfectly to ensure your employees feel listened to. There is nothing worse than encountering a problem at work and being dismissed because the HR department can’t be bothered to follow up on concerns or complaints. Particularly when it comes to exclusion over race, gender, age, or anything that may cause them to be excluded and discriminated against by a co-worker. 

Be sure to employ an HR team that will follow up on every concern brought to them and bring justice to your employees. Snuffing out those who discriminate is one of the best ways to be more inclusive at work. 

Make accommodations

Making accommodations for your employees will not only garner respect for you but make them feel more included and less outcasted by the workplace. For example, if you employ those who belong to a particular religion, you should be prepared to allow for praying breaks throughout the day. Many workplaces don’t bat an eye at smoke breaks, but there often isn’t anywhere for your employees to privately pray if they wish. You should ensure not to deny these types of accommodations for your religious employees and make your support well known to them. 

Additionally, if you employ people with health conditions or impairments, you should ensure you are prepared to accommodate them. For example, if they struggle to use the stairs, you should have a platform lift installed in the building. And ensure there is enough space in the workplace to allow for wheelchair access. These are things we often don’t think about but are in fact very important to consider when running a business. Aside from the office space itself, having an altered bathroom can do wonders for autonomy in those who are physically impaired and make them feel truly valued by your company. 

Appreciate your employees

Studies show that employees who feel included and appreciated will be 28% more engaged at work, 43% more committed to their company, and 51% more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work. You don’t want your business to have a reputation for being non-inclusive, so it is important to let your employees know that you support them as they are. Regardless of ability, race, gender, age, or nationality.  

Humans are social creatures and thrive on validation. So by making everyone who works for you feel included in the running of the business, as though they’re making a difference and appreciated, you will have a much more motivated workforce. 

Take your employees seriously if they come to you with concerns, especially if they’re starting to feel undervalued by those in the workplace circle because feeling seen and heard could be the difference between maintaining a thriving business and struggling to hold on to employees. 

Ensure you provide frequent opportunities for your employees to grow, not only in the workplace but as people. Training courses, opportunities for promotion, or even just a chance to prove what they can do will get your employees excited about working with you. Feeling stagnated at work can lead to “quiet quitting” and as a result, workplace productivity will stagnate with your employees. 

Inclusivity at work isn’t difficult. Despite how you may be made to feel about it. It’s all about respecting your employees and ensuring they can have the best experience possible in your workplace. So, employ these three tips and make your workplace more inclusive now! 

For more help creating a positive work environment to retain and motivate your employees, please see the resource below.

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