3 Creative Ways to Use Color Psychology Marketing

Think of all the brands that you love like Starbucks, Target, or Facebook. These brands all have corresponding colors that immediately come to mind when you think of them. 

That is because having a signature color can increase your brand’s recognition by 80%.

Color psychology marketing is more than picking your favorite color and running with it. Specific colors can inspire emotion, draw attention, and even help reassure your customers. 

Each color is going to have a different meaning but it could also have a different meaning to each customer. 

Keep reading for our guide one three creative ways to use color psychology marketing for your business. 

1. Use Color Psychology in Your Logo

When you’re using psychology and marketing the first place you should aim for is your logo. Creating a recognizable and memorable logo will help customers get familiar with your brand. Color psychology can help you do that!

Take a look at what different colors mean when you’re thinking of what to use for your logo. For example, if you’re looking at the psychological factors in marketing, then using the color yellow can help to draw attention to your brand. 

Check out this free online logo maker when you’re ready to create the logo for your business. 

2. Using Color Psychology to Persuade

Retail marketing psychology can be used to persuade potential customers to purchase your products. You can use colors in many different ways without customers even knowing!

Whether it is the background on your website, your product’s package, or the content that you create. Picking the right colors can help to strengthen your marketing strategy in many different aspects. 

The color blue is a great color to calm people and put their minds at ease. If you use this color on your website, then your customers may feel more relaxed and feel persuaded to shop with you. 

3. Utilizing White Space

There are tons of color psychology marketing facts but utilizing white space is one that you should follow. The color white is connected with innocence, purity, cleanliness and so much more. 

White space is the blank space between each design. To be fair, your white space doesn’t even necessarily need to be white. It could be any color that you choose. 

Also, you don’t want to overdo it with the white space! A minimalist style can be nice and effective, yet it can also be too simple. Customers might think that you haven’t put any thought or effort into your website or design at all.  

Using Color Psychology Marketing

Color psychology marketing is a great way to help define the mood for your customers when you’re creating content. You want each of the pieces of content that you create to feel a certain way so make sure that you pick the right colors to do so. 

You should use color psychology marketing to help effectively build your brand, target your audience, and communicate your message. 

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