Why your business would benefit from a Micro Market

Every business owner wants to make sure their staff are productive and efficient, and a great amount of evidence points to the fact that happy staff make better workers. Keeping them happy involves a variety of techniques and requires businesses to look at the facilities that they offer.

Micro Markets are one trend that is proving popular with staff and owners alike to make that all important lunch break a better experience that is cost-effective and healthier. To explain further, Emma Preece, General Manager at R+R Hub, provides insight into what Mini Markets are and what can they bring to your business.

What is a Micro Market?

When it comes to providing food and drink for your staff, the days of the old-fashioned canteen are long gone. Employees with a wide variety of dietary requirements and health concerns now want more choice than the traditional beige offerings or sugar laden treats that they have been used to. A Micro Market acts a self-service café and shop that uses remote technology to serve people anything they need.

The machines that are used can serve hot and cold drinks and food. These are more than microwaved pies and boiling water, as there are options for a whole range of refrigerated fresh foods to be included as well including sushi, salads and fresh milk. They can offer a greater number of items than a typical vending machine and less maintenance, whilst remaining easy for everyone to use.

As they use advanced vending machines and pay stations, it means that they can remain open 24 hours a day, so whatever hours your business operates, every break will be covered. It is predicted that there will be 39,000 Micro Markets in the US by 2022 and it is easy to see why. These great set ups do not need huge staff numbers for them to be beneficial and are now being incorporated into smaller businesses due to their many practical benefits.

The benefits of Micro Markets

Providing a break space that does not need staffing will save your business money, and also takes up less space than the usual kitchens and serving hatches. These Micro Markets can be designed and arranged in any way that you like, so they can be made to fit the space that you have, allowing you to use more of your floor space for business purposes. They can also be branded to fit in with your business and create somewhere that looks modern, professional and welcoming.

The use of technology means that stock levels are constantly monitored, making the process of reordering much quicker and easier, by reducing the need to stock-take. The systems have also been put together to reduce theft, so the fact that it is self-service does not mean that you will be footing the bill for people helping themselves. This can include prepaid cards for employees to use or safe release systems that require payment first.

Staff who eat properly and move away from their desks to take a proper break are usually more productive, so providing a Micro Market space can help to make your workplace more efficient. Staff morale will also be improved through the feeling that they have more options and work for a business that cares about their needs.

Micro Markets can fit into any business and have a huge number of benefits including convenience, time saving and the best use of available space. They are a modern solution to an age-old problem that works for both the business and the owners. You are able to cater for vegans, allergies and intolerances all with minimal hassle and maximum advantage.

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