Why Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

According to NHTSA, motor vehicle accidents in 2010 accounted for $1 trillion in productivity and life losses. Private insurers pay 50 percent of the motor vehicle crash cost, the victims pay 26 percent, while the third party contributes 14 percent. Federal revenues cater for 6 percent, while the state municipality caters up to 3 percent of the total cost. 

Car accidents are complicated and drag on for months, if not years. This is because many insurance providers take a long time to take any action concerning car accident cases. Therefore, for a smooth settlement process and to maximize your claim, you need to get an attorney at a firm like the Zachar Law Firm.

A good car accident lawyer will help you through your case and see it through based on the facts available; they will help you to do all of the following during your case:

Preserve Evidence

Evidence of what happened during the accident may not last long. For instance, video footage showing what happened at the accident scene may be deleted after a few days or weeks due to storage issues. Therefore, to obtain it, your lawyer should move fast.

Another necessary type of evidence for a car accident case is roadway evidence, including car accident debris, skid marks, or wheel gouges. An accident reconstruction expert can use this roadway evidence to determine who was at fault during the accident. Your lawyer should collect this evidence fast since it can be swept away by wind, rain, or traffic.

The cars involved in the accident can also be used as evidence. The amount of damage to your vehicle can show the magnitude of the accident. Your lawyer will take photographs of your car, or the accident reconstruction expert will conduct a 3D scan before any repairs. If your vehicle is totaled, your attorney also will need to take a 3D scan of the car before it is crushed and sold as scrap. 

Meet Legal Deadlines

You should file your car accident claim immediately after the accident has occurred. If you delay filing the request, your statute of limitations may expire. You should talk to a car accident lawyer to help you understand the statute of limitations as per your current state and help you with the filing process.

Your attorney will ensure that you adhere to all the requirements related to your claim, including the deadlines. Also, there are different deadlines that you should meet to get compensation.

For example, if a government vehicle or the at-fault lawyer is working for a government company, you may need to complete the ante litem deadline six months from the accident. Your lawyer should explain the timeline you need to file the claim to ensure that you obtain reasonable compensation. 

Ensure Your Proper Medical Treatment

In many instances, car accidents cause injuries or fatalities. If you have reasonable medical insurance, this might not be a problem. However, some people involved in car accidents do not have health insurance coverage. This implies that they will most likely face financial hardships hindering them from receiving adequate medical care.

If you happened to be in a car accident and you suffered injuries due to it, you should hire a car accident attorney to ensure that you get fair compensation. The compensation should be enough to reimburse the amount you would have spent for treatment and recovery. 

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

After getting involved in a car accident, talk to a car accident lawyer for guidance and presentation. An experienced attorney will help you evaluate your options and advise if it is appropriate to file a lawsuit against the other party. A car accident insurance will also file the case on your behalf and represent you in the legal proceedings.

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