Why Forcing Your Employees to Work Overtime to Finish a Task is a Terrible Idea

No one wants to work overtime even in a workplace that pays employees to stay late. Most people want a good work-life balance, and when it is time for them to leave work, they do not want to stay. Therefore, if you are the type of boss who forces your employees to stay so they can finish a task that is due soon, you are doing it wrong.

Even if you can finish the task within the deadline because everyone worked overtime, there is still no guarantee that you will submit quality output. Rethink this strategy and try to avoid forcing everyone to work overtime if possible.

An 8-hour workday is too much

In some countries, employees work only for a few hours a day. Being in a company that requires an 8-hour workday is common in the UK. The hours are too much for some employees to take. Asking them to stay late so they can finish a job will be counterproductive. They cannot be at their best during those hours.

Employees have families

You also need to understand that your employees do not live to work but work to live. Beyond work, they also have families to think about. If you keep asking them to stay late for work, it will affect their relationship with the family. You might say that you also have a family, and it is okay for you to stay late. Your family dynamics might be like that, but not everyone will feel the same. Even if they agree to stay late, you cannot expect their full participation, since they might not stop thinking about their loved ones.

It indicates your failure as a leader

When you keep asking your employees to stay late, it does not mean you are doing a great job of holding your team together. Instead, it is a sign that you are unable to delegate tasks correctly. It also shows that you did not utilise the work hours properly. If you were a great leader and you organised your team well, you might finish days before the deadline.

There is always tomorrow

Sometimes, you feel that working overtime allows you to finish the tasks, but the truth is that if you work the following day, you can still complete all of them. You might also do them faster the next day because everyone rested well and is in the mood to work. For instance, if you are trying to rush the design for the next banner campaign, you cannot expect the creative minds of your marketing team to function fully after office hours. However, when asked to finish the next day, everyone will be efficient. You can ask them to check out https://www.rollerbannersuk.com for information regarding banners, and they will be inspired to work harder.

Evaluate your strategies if you need to keep asking your employees to work overtime because something is not right.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/Lks7vei-eAg