What do I need to do to buy a franchise?

Investing in a franchise is a great way to run your own business whilst gaining support from an experienced team of professionals. Franchising is popular because businesses are able to run under recognisable brand names and use strategies that have been proven to be successful by franchisees before them. When you invest in a franchise, you are paying to use a brand’s name, marketing materials, training methods and much more, which means that you will have more time to spend on other aspects of your business for it to become a success.

At a first glance, investing in a franchise may seem fairly straightforward, however, there are a few important things to consider before making your purchase to ensure that the franchise you are investing in is the right one for you. This article will tell you what you need to do to buy a franchise.

Grow your money

The first thing to set straight before buying into a franchise is your financial situation. All franchises will have a minimum investment that you will have to pay, but you will also need extra capital available to create cash flow in your business. For this reason, it is not wise to spend your whole budget on the minimum investment- this is not the only expense that you will have to deal with when buying a franchise! You should take time to ensure that you are financially comfortable and that you have a budget larger than the minimum investment of a franchise before buying into it. Many franchises will ask to see evidence of available capital before making a deal with you. It’s worth noting that many banks can assist with franchising finance but finance assistance can vary from franchise to franchise.

A good way to provide evidence of extra capital is to set up external sources of income that could provide for you and your business whilst things come together. No business will become a success overnight, so having another source of income will ensure that you and your family are covered and will also provide you with the capital that you need to run your franchise business.

Franchises may also have a credit score requirement. Credit scores provide proof to the franchisor that you are able to handle finances well; this is a strong indicator of someone who will be able to run a successful business.

Do your research

There are many great franchise opportunities out there, so you shouldn’t just settle for the first one that fits your budget. All franchises will offer slightly different benefits to the businesses who invest in them; it’s worth doing some research to find out exactly what different franchises could offer to you.

It is also worth thinking about what it is that you want from a franchise when you invest in them. Some franchises may have a higher investment price but will offer more support and training than those with lower investment prices, whereas for others, the initial investment price will pay no weight whatsoever on the support that you receive. If you are experienced in the world of business, you may be able to afford to invest in lower-priced franchises that offer less help to your business. If you are a complete novice, it is advised that you seek out franchise opportunities that will offer your business full guidance and support along the way.

You should also research the history, audience, trends and competitors of each franchise that you consider buying into. Sometimes, research may bring up statistics, reviews or trends that could make you aware of the risk of investing in a particular franchise before it’s too late. You should be finding the answers to questions such as, ‘Has this company ever been involved in a scandal?’, ‘Is this company transparent/trustworthy?’, ‘Are the products/services sold by this company still relevant and is there an opportunity for growth?’ and ‘How does this company perform in comparison to its competitors?’.

WorkPlus and Task Management

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Send out applications

Buying a franchise is not as easy as adding it into your cart and clicking ‘buy now’. Franchisors will receive interest from potential buyers every single day who all want to become part of their franchise. Therefore, many franchises will ask buyers to go through an application process that allows the franchisor to pick out the best business partners to work with. Franchises go through this process to filter out poor applicants who don’t quite fit the requirements to be a successful franchisee.

When filling out the application forms, make sure that your answers are completely honest and accurate- it may be tempting to give answers that seem correct (instead of truthful answers) but this will just cause you problems in the long run. Filling out the applications honestly and in detail will give the franchisor a good view of your personality and will help them to figure out whether you would do well running a business with them. If your application is successful, you will be invited to an interview with the franchisor’s representative to discuss moving things forward.

There are a wide range of franchises for sale, from food and takeaway franchises to cleaning franchises where you never actually do any cleaning yourself. There are a wide range of businesses just waiting to be discovered, so get your foot on the franchising ladder today and take your first steps to a more promising future.