Visit the SL Second Birthday Party and Celebrate with Zaitsev Sisters in Riga

SL Casino is the VIP casino complex by Michael Boettcher’s Storm International in the Latvian capital center. The unit celebrates its second year of work. In honor of this event, a party with the humorous duet “Zaitsev Sisters ” will be organized. Besides, many unexpected surprises have been prepared for the unit guests. The anniversary party is planned for December 14, 2019. The Stand Up comics will start their show at 9 p.m. Consult with staff to request invitations. If at this time you buy a junket tour to Riga at SL Casino, you will become a dear guest of the party.

The graceful SL Casino is settled in a unique location. You can find it in the Grand Hotel Kempinski, one of the most famous hotels of the Latvian capital. Guests come to relax in the heart of Old city in a stately building, where the historical Rome Hotel used to be. It was founded in the nineteenth century.

The SL deluxe interiors are implemented in the Art Deco style. There are brand features and precious woods furniture in every room. Exclusive chandeliers and original figurines and paintings create the very atmosphere of elite splendor, which is fit for high-class rest. In this unit of Storm International, Darren Keane, the Managing director said, all visitors are greeted with real hospitality and friendliness. The hostesses and dealers speak several languages, so guests don’t feel language barrier. Here you can communicate in Latvian, Russian and English and feel like at home.

In the unit halls you can enjoy the game and your time alone or with friends. All classical games and slots are offered for SL guests, from modern slot machines with curved screens to roulette, blackjack, poker and so on. The first floor is a big slot room with 50+ games and a cozy sports bar can be will found next door. There is an individual entry with noticeable sign, so you don’t have to go into the Kempinski halls to visit SL.

The upper floor is divided into some zones: a common hall for playing table games, a relax zone, a VIP room for the card holders. In the common room, 10 tables with dealers welcome you. The Lounge zone framed by several sofas. It is the place where you can relax and have a pleasant chat, as well as eat at a neat little table.

X.O. Vip Club is the closed zone for private playing and for big bets. X.O. is Shangri La brand’s significant club, which you can find in all units. X.O. is located in a separate room with a privileged entrance. Access is only possible with club cards. VIP guests are guaranteed nice atmosphere, exciting game, and absolute safety.

Additional prizes every week

Several times a week you can grab an additional jackpot at SL. All playing visitors have a right to participate in the lottery. To get a chance, you need to take a ticket from the casino manager and come to unit on the lottery day. This winter the prize reaches 3.000 euros.

Holidays and significant parties always held along with additional JP raffles. By the way, this is a cool feature of all Shangri La network units.

Incredible birthday parties is another great tradition that Shangri La brand guest very appreciate. That is why SL Casino will soon celebrate its second birthday with fun and provocatively. An unstoppable fun will take place on December 14th.

Visitors are guaranteed a lot of laughter and fun thanks to the comedians fiery performance. Zaitsev Sisters have prepared just a killer casino birthday program. Casino promise unexpected surprises, as well as pleasant prizes for lucky visitors.

To prolong the holiday feeling you can buy the junket tour to Latvia to SL casino. A gaming tour can be ordered by phone. Number of days and the cultural program always can be discussed. The game tour advantage is that only casino chips are paid. All other features you get absolutely for free: a lot of services, a hotel room, transfer, food and beverages.

Do not miss your chance to spend an unusual vacation in Riga. Thanks to the junket, you will receive a full-fledged sightseeing tour with a lot of entertainment for free. In addition, you can play all casino games without restrictions. And what’s nice, every win reduces the cost of your trip.

Read more about the junket organization and the casino operation on the SL official website.