Top 6 Winter Vacations in Europe

Spring and summer months generally represent the peak tourist season for many of the top attractions in Europe. But many of the savvier world travelers know that many places in Europe are lots more fun during the cold winter months. Take Iceland, for example. Some world travelers like to visit here when they want to have a change from the warmer vacations that they may be used to. And as you are able to rent camper vans (go to this site for info), exploring this colder destination becomes all the more enjoyable.

In fact, you will find that there are certain cities that are better suited during the winter. Any research that you decide to do will be able to tell you which cities and countries it includes. So that being said, when winter comes, you should just fly on over, take advantage of vacation rentals Europe, and visit the following cities:

1. Andalucía, Spain

Some of the areas in Andalucía are closer to the equator compared to continental Europe. That’s why the temperature here can be rather mild even in the depths of winter. In general, the costs of accommodations are more affordable that what you’d have to pay in other European cities, so you get more for your money.

The nightlife in the various cities are always fun, and you can’t ignore the tapas. What’s more, you can visit the cathedral in Seville and the Alhambra in Granada without having to deal with the teeming crowds.

2. Paris, France

Yes, lots of people talk about Paris in the spring, but that’s because they haven’t been here in winter. Sure it gets cold, but the stylish Parisians just wear their best winter coats when it’s a snow day. With the audacious Christmas displays at Les Galeries Lafayette and the twinkle lights on the Champs-Elysées, you’ll truly realize why Paris is the City of Lights.

For a bonus, you can also visit the Eiffel Tower and the Notre-Dame Cathedral without too long of a line, since the mass of tourists are coming later in the spring!

3. Dublin, Ireland

Very few things are cozier than the pubs of Dublin especially during the winter months. But you should get out more, as you may enjoy the Smashing Times City of Dublin Parade with its fire ceremony, céilí dancing, and traditional storytelling to honor the winter solstice.

Around New Year’s Eve, you have events like Luminosity along with the largest Celtic Drum session in the whole world. But even without these events, it’s just romantic and so gorgeous here in the winter.

4. Mykonos, Greece

It’s off-season for tourists during the winter in Mykonos, as summer attracts hoards of visitors. But come here in the winter, and you’ll find yourself wondering if it is winter at all. It’s actually a bit warm, the sun always seems to shine, and there’s a beach.

Prices for accommodation may be lower at this time, and that means you have more money for shopping and other expenditure. You might even want to consider upping the luxury factor on your travel by deciding to rent a private jet from Jettly or other similar private flight services for a more exclusive vacation. With regard to shopping, the boutiques here have lots of sales and discounts during the winter and you can even haggle to get the prices to come down even further. Seriously, you may want to buy a suitcase for all your purchases here.

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

There’s one word that will explain why you need to experience winter at least once in the capital of Scotland: Hogmanay. This festival is a veritable bacchanalia that lasts 3 days to celebrate the New Year. You’ve got fireworks and outdoor concerts, and forget bot how the Scots are supposed to be dour. You won’t think so when you see all of them dancing for 3 days. Hopefully they’ve got something under those kilts, but then some are traditionalists.

6. Tuscany, Italy

Lots of tourists avoid Tuscany in the winter because they think it can get too cold. But you can pamper yourself in a spa here, and of course there’s skiing. If you go skiing, always remember to tip an ski instructor. Here they also have traditional winter fire festivals with fireworks, torchlights, and bonfires. Enjoy the museums too-there aren’t too many people to jostle you.