The Most Popular Online Slot Types

Slots have always drawn the crowds and hundreds of thousands of people have tried their luck and given those enticing reels a spin. You may be surprised to discover just how long slots have been around for. The first-ever slot machine dates back to 1895. The major technological breakthrough that changed the world of slots came with the first electrical slot machine that was called Money Honey. This was introduced to the public back in 1963. It wasn’t until 1996 when further advancements in technology led to the introduction of video slots.

These versions of the slot machine catered for a new age of highly sophisticated gamers whose main hobbies were playing on ever advanced games consoles, that were becoming more immersive than ever before. Video slots offered a more thrilling gaming experience that involved elaborate computer graphics and more special bonuses and features than before. These games appealed to those who loved playing other computer games, but with the added thrill of gambling, thrown in for good measure. Another major draw was that from 1996 onwards, all these games could be found on the ever-increasing list of online casinos such as Star Slots that were appearing on the internet.

This blew the potential market for slots wide open and these games were now accessible to millions of people, as they moved from their land-based origins and into the virtual casino world. Eventually, most gambling brands moved segments of their operations online too. Software and game developers began to concentrate on slots to meet the demands of online casino customers. More people from all walks of life decided to give slots a spin and this included those who are not traditionally seen as keen gamblers in society, such as women. The excitement of slots and the possibility that you might win some cash are what compels us to try our luck on them. Even the randomness of each spin is appealing because it literally can throw out anything.

Another appeal of online slots is that they can be played anywhere at any time. However, their predecessors needed you to visit a local casino. They also had to constantly be loaded with coins or tokens. All that is needed now is a digital money transaction. If you have a computer or other device that hooks up to the internet, then you are good to go. Slots have now been optimized so that they can be played on Android and iOS mobile devices too. Therefore, even if you are on the go you can still access your favourite games. In fact, more people than ever are playing slots whilst on long journeys or waiting for buses or appointment to arrive.

Online slots appeal across the board, from young to old, male to female, the appeal is wide and far-reaching. All you have to do is spend a little time in an online casino chatroom to witness this. Recent studies performed by the UK Gambling Commission illustrate how online slots have changed the gambling landscape beyond recognition. They discovered that 39% of online slot players were female. The number of women using mobile devices to play slots had also risen by 5%.

Themed Slots With Mass Appeal

With this huge change in the types of people gambling, game creators now have to develop slots that have a broad appeal. Slots have to cross the age and sex divide if they don’t want to be left behind.

Fast-forward to the present and a sure-fire way of creating a winning slot is by basing it on a piece of popular culture that is hugely successful and has a broad appeal with audiences. TV shows are a good starting point and especially successful ones that have a loyal fan base. This is why slots like The X Files, Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad are so popular with gamers. Superheroes are in control of the movie world at present and this has not gone unnoticed by games developers. Whether it’s superheroes based on DC comics or from the world of Marvel Studios, these slots are winners with punters thanks to the obsessive comic and film fan base.

Talking of movies, many successful film franchises are now popular online slots too. With 3D animations and the sights and sounds from the movies themselves throw in, these can end up being the most immersive of all slots. When you hit bonuses you even get clips from the films included as you head to the bonus round. Terminator 2 and Highlander are two well-established film-themed slots. Slots featuring books are all the rage and they all work on a similar principle that if three or more books hit the reels, the bonus round is initiated. A symbol is then activated to be the special expanding symbol during the free spins. The most valuable symbols trigger the biggest wins but are also harder to hit.

The most popular book-themed games include Book Of Ra by Novomatic. Book Of Dead by Play’ n Go, Book Of Oz by Microgaming and the recently released Book Of Christmas by Inspired Gaming. The appeal of these games is their simplicity and the fact that you can win up to 5000x your bet. They all boast high production values and it’s always a thrill to land the bonus. There are other titles that are now considered as classics and these include Starburst from NetEnt, Cleopatra from IGT studios, Immortal Romance from Microgaming and Gonzo’s Quest that is also from the NetEnt studios.

Jackpot slots are still very popular, especially the games that feature Progressive Jackpots. Mega Moolah is probably the most popular of them all thanks to its jackpots that frequently run into the millions. Currently, a lot of popular games are getting Megaways treatment, whether this is a passing craze or not, remains to be seen. In general, slots cater to all tastes and they have to as they draw in a broad audience of players that all play for the thrill that slots offer.

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