The benefits of filtered water bottling systems

There is growing consumer awareness of water in general and specially bottled water.

That is leading to an increasing emphasis on water bottling systems.

The issue

People need water to survive.  It’s also something that increasing numbers of leisure consumers are demanding with their meals.

In continental Europe, water was almost always served with a meal, even where the customers had also ordered wine.  The same is also true in many bars, where water was provided as an accompaniment to alcoholic beverages.

In the UK, consumer demand is now making these practices more widespread, but it’s also changing the emphasis on water and how it is served.


Whatever might have been the case previously, today’s consumer doesn’t want a simple carafe of water straight out of the tap placed on the table.  Respect for tradition can only be taken so far!

Yet equally, the big-name branded bottled waters are proving to be a challenge for many in terms of:

  • cost;
  • the environmental effects arising from the production processes behind them.

The challenge is, what can a typical bar or restaurant do?

Bottling systems

The fact is that water straight out of the public supply might be perfectly safe and tick all the boxes relating to consumption.

Unfortunately, that’s not the same thing as saying that it tastes good!

We have probably all seen surprising colours in the water coming out of the tap at times and sometimes visible impurities. Perhaps most commonly, there is that metallic taste or smell. 

The taste and smell issue often arises from the chlorine in the water, and it’s not generally known as being a desirable accompaniment to things such as food or diluted cordials etc.!

The good news is that it’s now possible to get filtration and bottling systems which can transform tap water into something that is a visibly clean and sparkling plus with a great taste as well.

These filtered water bottling systems are now highly sophisticated and can also deliver fizzy water if required.  What they produce can be quickly bottled by the outlet using them and served as a wonderful drink in itself.

Aesthetically pleasing

Nobody would want to see what appears to be a major processing plant in the typical bar or restaurant.

Fortunately, there is no fear of that because the latest models are chic and visually attractive.  They can brilliantly compliment the look of a bar or service area. If you prefer, they can sit discreetly under the counter and out of sight with only a service tap being visible to customers.

Environmental credentials

Although there is some progress, some plastic water bottles being used today will take around 450 years to degrade.

For many consumers, that is becoming unacceptable.

True, you can purchase bottled water in glass bottles and recycle them. Still, even that brings with it a significant overhead for things such as the delivery vehicles and the subsequent cost of recycling.

Many water bottling systems also come though with the ability to completely wash and clean the glass bottles which can then be re-used in the same establishment.  The carbon footprint is therefore hugely reduced, and the bottles can even be branded with the outlet’s name.


For all the above reasons, if you don’t know anything about in-house water bottling systems, now might be a good time to find out!