Successfully move your medical clinic – Know the steps to take

Are you satisfied with the location of your medical clinic? Did you ever feel that your clinic would benefit if it was located at some other place? Would your clinic attract more traffic or get more space for patients? If answered yes, irrespective of your specialty, you can always reap advantage of a move. Moving locations can often boost the number of patients and strengthen the reputation of your clinic.

Do you own a clinic like If yes, you can certainly move your clinic to a desired location. Here is a checklist of the points that you need to keep in mind while moving from one location to another.

  • Find out the right space for your medical office

The foremost step to take is to find out a new space for your clinic. Do you want to lease or own the property? Once you decide on that, get in touch with a real estate broker who specialized in medical clinic space. He should understand the requirements of medical clinics for meeting all regulatory compliance and patient safety. As you’ve chosen the office space and the date for moving, you can start off the process.

  • Hire professionals experienced in medical moving

Companies like are professionals in medical moving or moving of any kind. Make sure that the movers you hire can meet the federal and state guidelines for moving and transporting medical items. Their company should have the best technicians who are skilled experts in disassembling of delicate medical equipment and reassembling them again. They should have a clear understanding of your requirement to reduce downtime.

  • Organize your orders for printed materials

Try to make a list of the printable materials like prescription pads, appointment cards and letterheads which you need to order at the new address. If there are any signage needs, you can add it to the list. Make sure you place these orders 2-3 months in advance of the actual moving date.

  • Prepare notifications for the move

Since you’re moving your medical clinic, you’ll have to make several notifications regarding the change of address. Jot down the list of payers, Medicaid, Medicare and other in-network providers. Don’t forget to notify each one of these payers so that there’s no unnecessary delay or loss of timely payments. Laboratories, hospitals and professional organizations will also need to be notified.

  • Use different methods of notifying patients

You should properly inform former and current patients about the move and this can be done utilizing several methods. Keep a sign on your door or on the office door where you announce the move nearly a month in advance. Add another notice to your phone greeting and publish a notice regarding the move in local newspapers too. Use your phone to notify each patient about the move.

In today’s digital world, most people initially look for a solution by browsing the internet. As a result, it may be beneficial for medical clinics to have their own online portals in order to reach out to potential patients regardless of their location. PatientNow or similar companies that could assist them with marketing, patient management, payments, and other tasks. This could also aid in attracting more patients and increasing productivity.

Just as you would search online for sites like, you can also expect your patients to resort online to know about your changed location. Use the tips mentioned above to complete your move successfully.

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