Running a Digital Skills Outsourcing Business

I suppose it’s a great problem to have, that of having to produce some sort of acceptable documentation for the online business you supposedly run to authorities such as visa-issuing offices. It’s one you’ll deal with when the time comes though, otherwise the problem largely arises from the rather informal-looking manner in which the typical digital skills outsourcing business operates.

You wouldn’t even need to have your own website for example in order to have a bunch of graphics designers, ghostwriters, consultants, voiceover artists, etc all working for you on what would likely be a freelance basis. Even if you did need a website, you could get started within a matter of less than 24 hours.

Running your own digital skills outsourcing business is not without its risks. Therefore, you may want to take some notes from reputable business process outsourcing firms and gain inspiration on how to go about with your own individual business. However, the worst that could happen to you over the initial period of your operation is reputational damage. Since you won’t be tying any branding to the operation as yet, if ever, reputational damage can be dealt with by simply working under a different name, that’s of course if you choose to work under an official name in the first place.

The best thing about running a digital skills outsourcing business is that you can land paying clients before the work is even delivered, and while there are indeed better visibility-establishment channels than the basic ones we’re going to discuss right now, the aim of this particular post is to make you wise to the fact that you can get started right away and put yourself in line to start making a profit.

The model is very simple, but would require you to at least have some quality-gauging capabilities to apply to the work which is to be produced, if you don’t have the requisite skills yourself. For example, you should be able to tell whether or not a piece of writing produced by a freelance writer is of acceptable quality, in the same way that you should perhaps be able to tell if a logo designed by a freelance graphic designer is of acceptable quality.

You can go crazy by way of the digital skills you’re going to be offering, with the easiest way to do this being that of heading over to platforms such as Fiverr and then advertising your services. Okay, so there will naturally be some other details to deal with like putting together a portfolio prospective buyers of your Fiverr gig can look towards, prior to making their decision to buy your services. That can be taken care of by drawing on the second half of the equation making up this operation, such as requiring the freelance writers you’d be hiring to complete those jobs for you (at a price you’re going to mark-up of course) to provide samples of their work.

Lots of people are doing this very successfully, with the likes of UpWork and People Per Hour amongst many others making for the freelancer-sourcing platforms from which to find freelancers whose services they then go on to resell (at a marked-up price) on platforms such as Fiverr.

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