Online slot Myths: How and why they first appeared

Online slot myths first appeared in the normal way that you would have expected them to, and this came down indeed to the rumour mill being turned. For one reason or another, people begun being put off by the online slot gaming experience when it came to online casinos. 

No one knows exactly why online slot myths started being spread, but we can only guess that it was a competitor in the gaming industry trying to get at another competitor in the gaming industry, and then as the rumours just kept growing they spread to the slots game industry as a whole. 

Having said that, it is worth not being naive and still doing your home when it comes to picking an online slot game to play from. There are a small number of things which must be taking into consideration when gamers are choosing one slot game to play with in the first place – find out more.

Playing online slots safely 

Some of these things which is worth taking into consideration when you are picking an online slot game to play with includes your decision on how much you should gamble in the first place. Think about how much you will win, and choosing which game you want to play with is no easy task to begin with, so having some pointers to whittle down your choices makes it all the more easier so that you can have a great gaming experience. 

Back to online slot myths. How and why they first appeared is a hard thing to pinpoint, and really all we have to actually go on is nothing more than guesswork. But it is handy to know that these guesses can still help us figure out how and why online slot myths first appeared. 

Where online slot myths came from 

Of course, this is all just speculation, but one theory around where online slot myths came from other than by competitors in the gaming industry actually involved gamers – it is rumoured that online slot myths were first put out there into the rumour mill to put off players so that they would still enter the casino houses instead of going online. 

So I guess you could say that it was still the competitors in the gaming industry who started it, but  this is one theory perhaps that makes the most sense. However, we can only guess that a big reason for the myths being put in place is to try and lure gamers and players alike off from the online slot games and back onto the in-house casinos. 

More slot game myths explained

One of, if not the most, commonly believed myths is one that is also most commonly spread, and we are actually quite sure that you have indeed heard this myth before, perhaps once or even three times and that is that if a slot game online has not paid out in a while then it must be and in fact is due to pay out very very soon.

Of course, this is not true. If the jackpot has not been paid out in a while, the jackpot simply has not been paid out in a while. Nobody has won, that is that, fair and square, and an algorithm does not discriminate when it comes to time. Only when the algorithm’s function matches up with what it has been programmed for to give out a win is when it will give out a win. 

And, while a lot of us might think that would make sense for a slot game to pay out because it has not in a while, it just is not the case, and it logically can not be the case either really, as slot wins and the amount these are won does not make up the regularity in which games are paying out. 

It really is just a case of the luck of the draw, and whoever got lucky has got lucky, so it is just as straightforward as that really. 

Online slot machines have not been programmed to pay out to any particular schedule, they can just pay out and have winners of the jackpot as and when a player has got lucky, although patterns might spring up. 

Online slot myths debunked 

Another myth most commonly believed which can be debunked is that you get a better chance of winning when you are playing a slot game when you pull the lever instead of pressing a button when you go to have a spin. 

This is also just not true, as slot machines really work with a random number generator and this just would not be aware that the player has pressed a button or not when you game, and so for whatever reason it would not influence whether or not it wants them to win either. 

When it comes to online slot gaming, there are a number of things players must take into consideration already before they get going – how much shall I put in? How much will I win? Should I play this game or that one? 

Amongst other questions, these are worth answering, and there are more that are worth asking. But these are not the be all and end all… and not only that, sometimes you will not always get the answer to the question that you want to hear. And sometimes, you will not get a suitable answer at all. 

And then there are the myths you hear about online slot gaming. These myths are in place for a number of reasons, and we can only guess that a big reason for the myths being put in place is to try and lure gamers and players alike off from the online slot games and back onto the in-house casinos. 

Well, although it seems like it makes sense, it is just not the case at all. Slot machines are not programmed to pay out to any schedule in particularly, and they can just pay out as and when the luck of the player strikes.

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