How to Collect Reviews from Your Consumers in Canada

Canadian consumers are, in many ways, the same as other consumers worldwide. As such, collecting reviews from them will pose no less or more challenge as doing so somewhere else. The more significant part of the work rest on the person trying to get feedback from customers. If you’ve been wondering how you can collect reviews from your customers in Canada, some of the tips below can be of great help.

1.      Go Digital

You cannot reach many of your audience if you restrict yourself to a mortar-and-brick store only. And even if you have a business website, you still need to be active on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. With this, you are setting the right stage for customers to drop their reviews easily.

2.      Connect Reviews to a Reward

How about a 5% off discount for customers that complete a review about your product or service? It will serve as a great motivation. You may even award points which they can use in their subsequent shopping to purchase items. Generally speaking, when a price is attached to something, the number of participants tends to increase. Of course, in applying this tactic, you need to be sure you are not recording any loss.

3.      Make a Passionate Request

You won’t probably get any review if you don’t ask your customers to write one. There are several ways to request reviews from your customers, but you have to be cautious about it. Usually, you should give your customer some time to understand how your company works before requesting reviews from them. If not, out of ignorance of your modus operandi, they may drop uninformed feedback.

That said, you can request comments or feedback through emails or surveys. You can also create a link on your website or purchase page where buyers can express their views. The critical thing here is to make the process as easy as possible to your customers as they are not under any obligation to give any feedback.

4.      Express Appreciation For Each Review

If someone takes their time to give a detailed or personal comment, you need to appreciate them. Others who are reading the reviews and who see that you are courteous and responsive will not hesitate to drop theirs. You are not to abandon those comments without attending to them. Once customers can know that you are not even taking it seriously, many will shy away from participating next time.

5.      Be Dynamic

Think about the different gadgets available today and ensure that your surveys or feedback are compatible with almost all of them. In general, mobile devices are conventional in Canada, as with other nations. So, make your review platform mobile-friendly.


Getting your customers to write a review about your services may appear not to be working at first. But with consistency and serious efforts, it will eventually come naturally from them. You just have to make sure you are acting on their complaints and make sure they can see your attempts at doing so.

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