How Conscious Leadership Can Help You to Achieve Your True Potential

Did you know that UK workers are some of the least engaged globally, with only around 45% of them are engaged at work? To add to that, according to a recent study, 61% of workplace leaders failed to recognise the signs of stress or burnout from employees.

Implementing workplace consciousness and strong leadership has never been more important, especially as happy employees are the key to any company’s success. This is where Conscious leadership comes in. This revolutionary tool helps improve a company’s overall well-being, so in this article, we’ll cover how conscious leadership can help you achieve your true potential.

What Is Conscious Leadership?

A leader who is “self-aware” or has a “conscious” mindset will have a significant impact on the behaviours of their employees. Once conscious leadership practises are put in place, employees will:

  • align with the company’s mission and values
  • have a better overall wellbeing
  • praise the company they work for 
  • have a positive outlook at work 
  • become determined to hit their targets 
  • want to stay with a company long-term.

Ultimately, being conscious as a leader starts with self-awareness.

Here are some conscious leadership practices that can help leaders to reach their true potential:

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Leaders deserve to look after their own mental health and well-being as much as anyone else.

Taking breaks, getting enough sleep and keeping a calm demeanour are all essential for anyone’s wellbeing. CBD Night Cream (50ml, 500g CBD) can be used to help get better sleep if you struggle to get enough sleep time. In 2021, it was reported that poor mental health was the top cause of time off work in the UK, costing employers billions of pounds.

Mental health can also be difficult for most people to talk about. Try setting up weekly sessions with your team or one-to-ones with individuals to find out how they are really feeling. The power of conversation is a remarkable transformation tool that can have a massive impact on a person’s wellbeing.

Transparency within Your Team

With the pandemic making people question whether a business is at stake and if their jobs are at risk, now it’s more important than ever for transparency within the workplace.

It’s been proven that transparency between leaders and employees can result in a more creative workforce. After all, employees have a right to know how the business is operating (whether it’s good or bad) so that they can plan ahead and protect themselves if necessary. 

Use Online Tools to Develop Your Leadership Skills

Using conscious leadership tools such as a Psychometric test will give you a true understanding of your full leadership potential. TCLC’s UCL validated Conscious Leader psychometric assessment helps leaders understand how you are supporting their own leadership performance by predicting wellbeing, burnout, and performance more than any other personality measure available on the market.

Using consciousness for leadership is a way of building relationships, trust, and commitment, resulting in a deeply engaged workforce and helping to bring out the best in not just yourself but everyone around you.