Charging Relief Is On Its Way With The Rise Of MAGFAST Charger

The ability to be able to tap into what people want is a recipe for business success and this is exactly what CEO Seymour Segnit and the MAGFAST Charger team have done with the creation of one of the most unique families of device chargers on the current market. The proof that this is a product that people want is shown by how successful this company’s recent crowdfunding event was. These consumers that have shown their support are making it obvious that they desire the great charging alternative that Seymour Segnit and his expert team are offering. The reason that these innovative chargers are so sought after is that they function without a bunch of inconvenient wires. Even worse with traditional chargers is the fact that they often only work for one device an individual uses and a different cable is needed for another device. This becomes a problem as more individuals are using multiple devices each day. Seymour Segnit recognized this inconvenient problem with his mobile device use back in 2013 and started using his background in the field of engineering to solve the issue of getting rid of all of these annoying charging cables.

After creating his original version of his unique magnet-based charing system in 2013, Seymour Segnit was sure that he had something that the public was going to want as well. He already enjoyed a lucrative career in radio and had worked for one of the top marketing and advertising agencies in the world. Combining this experience with his Oxford University education and he knew that he had a formula for bringing this exciting new product to the market. It was with this mindset that Seymour Segnit put together an outstanding team in 2018 and launched his company called MAGFAST Charger.

Many people are frustrated with the hassle of keeping multiple mobile devices charged up and ready to go because it has always required having the right charging cord for each one of them and in the end, one is left with a tangled mess. These cords are also of poor quality most of the time and can be easily damaged to where they no longer work. It is also very easy to misplace, or completely lose these types of chargers. The family of products being developed by Seymour Segnit and his team is aimed at solving this issue forever by offering wireless charging that is highly convenient.

The MAGFAST Charger family includes six great products that encompass different charging scenarios that an individual might find themselves in. They will charge all of the current devices on the market through magnetic technology without any need for cords, wires, or cables. The team has worked hard to design different versions of this great charger to make sure that all scenarios are covered. An example of this is the LifeCharger. This product is designed to be a great on-the-go, portable charger that is ideal for those who need a convenient charger to take with them anywhere to might be heading during the day. This is just one of the six great products currently being offered.