Can Anyone Design and Develop Apps with new Frameworks?

Designing a mobile app is not a cakewalk and it takes a team of highly dedicated beings to get it up and running, but you don’t have to delve into the deep intricacies of coding to make it work.

In the native sense, most of the mobile apps that go on the Google Play Store are built on the Android Studio. Not only does the Android Studio make it a whole lot easier to craft an app, but its compatibility can be easily checked and verified. However, the basic programming knowledge is still a must to develop a mobile app.

A mobile app design and development company doesn’t just use one framework to craft a mobile app. Rather, the process of designing and developing a mobile app can be taken care of on different frameworks. Speaking of the most prevalent frameworks on which mobile apps are built, we are going to scrutinize and know about the alternative frameworks that might make mobile app development a whole lot simpler.

The leader of mobile app development languages and a developer’s favorite is, of course, Java, which is quintessential for Android app development. But that’s not the only framework that comes to the rescue when it comes to Android app development. We are going to check out a few alternatives.


This Android development framework is a favorite among those who might not be team Java but C# is their poison. Xamarin has a huge fan base and this language has a global reach that touches more than 1.5 million users online. Not only does this ensure its success, it makes things simpler as well. With Xamarin, users get a complete set of C# code base that can be used to develop Apps for other operating systems apart from Android.

React Native

This open-source framework born out of Facebook’s JavaScript framework has already created a buzz for some of the biggest businesses, firms, and enterprises are putting it to use in their applications. Users can develop native mobile apps with React Native and its building blocks can’t be distinguished from Java, which makes it easy to manually optimize by adding codes that are written in other languages.


Unity is a gift from Microsoft to the mobile gamer community. Programmers create 3d and 2d games with this very framework and it has been used extensively in many of the famous mobile games that are undisputed favorites of both Android and iOS fans. When it is combined with C# development, it’s perfect for mobile app development.

No matter which mobile app development framework you use, do create a layout with columns, sections and designs. Our advice would be to stick to your native language and get on with these in case you are trapped in it.

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