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I’ve told you before – I’m a businessman! I may have my ecommerce platform running nicely in the background but money can come from many avenues – which is a notion that you’ll pick up as a general theme in my blog posts!

One of the ways this blog helps me (as well as being a creative outlet!), is by creating a small amount of income through advertising and sponsorship.

You could be one of these sponsors.

The Business Online gets hundreds of unique visitors every day from all walks of life, some of the people are well established business people, looking for new ideas and forward thinking technology to help take them to the next steps. Some of the people are business students looking for the answer to their questions for homework, some are start up businesses, wondering how to become one of the ‘big businesses’ that they’ve seen all over the news.

It’s this versatility of my audience that makes The Business Online the perfect place to advertise a whole range of materials and products and services.

Sponsorship and advertisements here come in many forms, it’s totally up to you the way that you want to go about getting your name out to my visitors. We can offer advertisement placements on a permanent, contract or rolling basis, either banner or sidebar – the choice is yours!

We also allow businesses and companies to sponsor posts that are published on the blog. Get in touch with us to discuss the terms and what forms this comes in.