Are you sure you are ready to jumpstart your senior home care business?

One of the best ways of becoming your own business and starting a satiating business is by jumpstarting a senior home care business. This is a rapidly growing industry due to the constant rise in the number of seniors. We live in times of economic uncertainty where self-employment is the best way of earning a solid income.  

Click here if you want to show people how to take care of their aging parents. On the contrary, if you wish to start a senior care business of your own like Assured Assisted Living, here are the steps to take.

Know on the start-up costs 

A senior home care business can be a low-budget startup as the only two things that you’ll need are a mobile phone and a reliable means of communication. You will need a computer that has internet access and this is enough to handle all your business needs. You may also need flyers, business cards and brochures as tools for building your business. This could lead to your business growing into something bigger, such as a community that provides assisted living in buena park or in your local area. But for now, this is where you’ll need to begin.

What are the costs you can charge? 

There are already many children who have spent dollars on hiring a therapist for their parents and hence you have to decide on the costs that you will charge from them. You can learn more on how a therapist can help your aging parents. Charging hourly is the most common method of charging for home care services. Costs range from $18 in smaller towns to $40 in bigger cities. For non-medical home care services, you can charge $24/hour.  

Training and skills required 

No, you don’t need any formal education for starting a senior home care business. The only 4 skills that you need are a caring attitude, common sense, honesty and organization skills. Such skills are handy for scheduling errands, clients and jobs at client’s homes. Once you start off with honesty, your clients will recommend you to other seniors and this word-of-mouth marketing is the best way of promoting your business. 

Marketing Tips 

As most of your clients are seniors, you should be able to reach out to them wherever they are. if the seniors are looking forward to resources for relaxation, you can show them If you reside in a place that has an over-60 community, make sure you place an ad in the monthly bulletin or newspaper and post a flyer somewhere. Local senior care centers are the best spots to attach your flyer. You may also leave your brochures or business cards.  

Know your income potential 

If you apply the national rate for senior home care (non-medical) of $24/hour, you can make around $900 to $1000 in a week which calculates to $45,000 to $50,000 in a year. Moreover, there are additional services like safeguard visits which can also add on to your income.  

If you have the risk of being laid-off from your job, starting off with a senior care business could help you ward off the risks of unemployment. This also happens to be a worthy part-time business for anyone who is above 50 years of age.