Advice for the moving companies to rank higher in SERPs

Whenever customers look for moving companies, it is highly likely that they will perform a Google search. When they do this, they’ll choose from the first few results and then make their comparisons. In case your moving company is not one among these, you’ll be missing out on your sales opportunities. This is all SEO is about.

The Google organic CTR averages show that the website that ranks first in the search engine page has a click through rate of 30.58% on desktop, 24.59% on mobile. This reduces to just 1.13% on desktop and 0.99% on mobile while you reach the 10th position. Apart from seeking help of the best SEO firm Toronto, let’s take a look at some advice.

Do a comprehensive market research on the competition

There are different aspects of your competition which can be researched – the interviews with mainstream and online media, the promotional materials, the annual reports and the FAQ page. You could easily get insights that can help you in setting up a new SEO game plan. On looking at the insights on the competitor’s business model, you can get a competitive edge.

Review meta-descriptions and page titles

These are the two main parts of your website that the customers can easily interact. Page title is something that the internet users see on SERPs when they consider your brand’s name and other related search terms. In case your company is based in Tampa, people will search with ‘tampa moving companies’. A result like Royal Movers Ontario won’t be of any use to the visitor.

Meta-descriptions are a summary of the content on your web page. The meta-description is that which will decide whether or not the users get to click on your site. This is one among the deciding factors that will make a customer choosing your movers company over the others.

Opt for a unique web design

If you are searching for the best deals for computers, won’t you choose the ones that are from a website that has a decent and trustworthy design? Similarly, here too, your moving company’s design needs to be attractive and it should be a perfect reflection of the brand in terms of the logo and brand colors. The theme also has to be consistent throughout all the pages. The most important factor is that the site has to load within 3 seconds or else you risk losing your customers to your competitors.

Play with the right colors

While choosing the main colors for your website, it is vital for you to understand the basics on color. The colors that you choose for your website will determine how the visitors perceive your brand. The color evokes lots of emotions. Red will bring in aggression, importance and fore passion and orange will evoke energy and playfulness. So, unless you choose the right colors, things won’t work as planned.

Therefore, now that you’re aware of the steps that you need to take in order to help your moving company reach higher in SERPs, start implementing them.