A complete guide about drafting a Witness Statement

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A witness statement is a document that is usually made by witnesses to provide as proof in the court against the allegations made by the opposing party. A person who has given evidence signs the document at the end claiming that the contents of the statement are true. To focus well on your case, it is very important to prepare your witness statement properly. Try to cover every detail that must be included in the report.

Below, we have shared a complete guide about drafting a witness statement – what is a witness statement, how to draft it, and the real difference between a recorded witness statement and a written declaration. Wait! This guide has highlighted a trustable certified translation services agency from where you can get excellent services of witness statements in the UK. Ready? Let’s explore the guide together!

What is a witness statement?

A witness statement is a formal court document that depicts what a witness says about your case. To proceed with a legal case in court, usually, the judge makes a decision on the basis of oral evidence. But at the time, mostly in civil cases, a witness statement is prepared and is provided to the parties so they can be prepared about the case beforehand.

There is no specific formal format but it is important to use an A4 size paper to write a witness statement. It is always recommended to type the statement but if you want to write it by hand, no worries but try to write in neat handwriting. Moreover, include only those facts that you know from your own experience.

Important tips and techniques for drafting a witness statement

At the time of drafting a witness statement, it is crucial to get it right as early as possible. The reason is once it is signed, it is supported by a statement of truth (in which you believe that the facts stated in the document are true and accurate). Remember, you can prepare your witness statement on your own but if you have appointed a lawyer, he will prepare a witness statement for you. There are mainly five things that must be stated while drafting a witness statement.

  • First of all, you must start writing a witness statement with the claim number and the name of the case.
  • State the name and address of both the parties – the claimant and the defendant.
  • After mentioning the name and address, it is the time to write evidence of the witness in a clear and accurate manner. The correct way of writing a witness statement is to write all points in detail but not only pages but each paragraph should be numbered. One fact should be put in one paragraph and the next fact in the next paragraph.
  • Before mentioning the date and signatures, write a statement of truth in the ending paragraph.
  • The last step is to add the signature of a witness supported with a date.

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