A comparison between desktop installed software and cloud hosted software

If you are looking forward to running a business successfully then you will have to use different types of software. We are currently living in the age of software and it doesn’t matter how small your business or how different your industry is, you will never be able to survive in the current market without using a robust and good software. Businesses have abandoned pen and paper long ago and now they have shifted to the very useful software era. With the help of software, most of the operation becomes automatic and businesses are also able to become more accurate and fast with the help of software solutions.

But software is not the most advanced form of technology being used by businesses. You should know that after using desktop installed software for quite a long time, businesses have now moved to cloud hosted software solutions like QuickBooks hosting. The cloud hosted software offers more advantages than the desktop installed software but still many people still rely on their desktop installed software. Well, if you are one of those persons that is still using his desktop installed software then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will go through a complete comparison between desktop installed software and cloud hosted software like QuickBooks Enterprise hosting.

In order to compare both these platforms used by different kinds of businesses, we will go through the different parameters of a business solution and analyze both the platforms on these parameters.


If you will be using desktop installed software then you will have the only option of storing the sensitive business information on the hard disk of your computer. Well, you should know that this type of storage has become a traditional practice now. Anyone with access to your computer can easily breach into your system and can get your data without any hassle. Even someone with the knowledge of breaking passwords can easily get his hands on your sensitive business information. But that is not the case with cloud hosted software.

You should know that if you will be using the cloud hosted software then you will be storing all your sensitive data on the cloud server of the cloud vendor. Cloud is surely one of the safest places to store your sensitive business information. Even if someone gets his hands on your login credentials, he will never be able to get your data as there are other layers of security deployed on the cloud platform.


People have been using desktop installed software from a very long time but they didn’t realize the limitation in its accessibility until the arrival of cloud hosting. If you will be using the desktop installed software then you will be able to access your data and the software from the office desktop only. This means, that you will be able to use the software only when you are in the office and you can’t stay round the clock in the office. This hampers productivity.

But when you will choose the cloud hosted software then you will be able to access your software and the data stored on it from anywhere and at anytime. In the cloud hosting solution, the software is installed on the cloud server and this is how it becomes accessible from anywhere and at any time. You should know that you can even use any type of device with internet access in order to access your software and the data stored in it. The global accessibility is one of the most talked about advantages of the cloud hosted software.


If you will be using desktop installed software then the members of your team will have to send data back and forth in order to collaborate. This means that even after keeping all your employees under one roof, you will never be able to enhance collaboration in your business. In addition to this, one member of a team has to wait for another member to finish his task since two persons or more than two persons can never work on desktop installed software on the same time.

But the case with cloud hosted software is completely different. If you will be using cloud hosted software then you will not have to worry about collaboration. The multi-user feature of the cloud hosting application allows multiple people to work on the same file of the same software and at the same time, without compromising on the security of the data. In addition to this, users get real-time update to the changes made by other users and this allows businesses to enhance collaboration in their organization.

As you can see, QuickBooks cloud hosting software is very powerful and useful than the desktop installed software. So, if you are using software solutions by installing it on your desktop then it’s high time for you to move to the cloud platform.

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