5 Ways To Dress Up Your Wine Bottle For Festive Season

When you are looking for the best ways to dress up your wine bottles for the holiday season, you can use any one of the five options below. You can bring holiday cheer to every part of your kitchen, and the people that come over will want to know how you created all these crafts. Plus, you will be surprised by what you can accomplish when you are making art from simple wine bottles.

1.  Knit Cozies

You can knit cozies for your wine bottles to keep them warm. This is a fun way to make the bottles look like they are wearing sweaters, and you can add a bit of holiday cheer to the wine rack because every bottle might have its own cozy. Plus, you could give cozies as gifts when you give wine to your friends and family.

2.  Store The Wine In Nice Shopping Bags

You can store the wine in reusable shopping bags wholesale with logo that has a holiday theme. This is a great way for you to show off the wine without leaving it laying around. Plus, the holiday bag can be used every year because it already has the theme that you need. also, you should consider how you can use these bags to give gifts. The people that get wine for Christmas will be happy to have one of these bags.

3.  Use Decorative Wine Stoppers

Once you have opened your bottles, you want to have a nice wine stopper that will help them stay fresh. You can create a unique wine stopper for every bottle, and you could even keep these wine stoppers in your totes for the rest of the year. You have moved away from plastic, and you are recycling old wine stoppers by creating something new that you can use every day.

4.  Decorate The Labels

You could draw over the label just like a tattoo artist that is covering an old tattoo. Plus, you could make the wine bottle look unique because it has a design that only you could draw. You could decorate all the bottles for the holidays, or you could add a few holiday trinkets to each label to make them look appropriate for the season. You do not need to buy holiday wines when you can turn the labels into holiday labels.

5.  Repurpose Your Paper Bags

You may have paper bags that were designed to carry just one bottle, and you can cut a window in the bag so that you can see the label. You can decorate the rest of the label, and you can give the bag as part of the gift. This is a creative way to make the wine look nice, and you could even cut a flap that the recipient pulls away to see what kind of wine they got.

When you are using these tips to create fun gifts for your friends and family, you will find that it is fun to get creative with the wine you planned to gift.

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