5 Thoughtful gifts to give a new homeowner – A list from experts

Do you have new homeowners to welcome to your neighborhood? Regardless of whether you’re someone who has recently purchased a new home or you’re helping someone decorate an apartment, there are always thoughtful gift ideas that you have to pay heed to, and giftunicorn has a great list of moving-in gift ideas just for that. Now if you’ve been invited to a housewarming party, you have to carry a gift along with you as a token of congratulations to the homeowners. Now you may be a new neighbour of these homeowners, or you may be a close friend, this may determine what kind of gift you want to buy. Many just settle for a bottle of wine and some homemade cupcakes, but if you’re close to your friend, perhaps a customized gift like choosing to Create your own canvas print for them might be more what you’re thinking – something for them to hang up in their new home. But if you are a neighbour or you have come to say your welcomes, keep reading below for a host of ideas of all variations.

While there are websites like Naked Winery from where you can get ideas of the best gifts for any occasions, we too have compiled a list of the best gifts that you can give a homeowner. Let’s check them out.

#1: A welcome mat

If homeowners wish to give a nice first impression to the people in the neighborhood where they welcome them, a doormat is probably the easiest gift idea. There are welcome mats that have the message ‘Oh, Hello’ flocked on them and this adds sunshine to their door area. All these doormats are usually handmade and they come in varieties to cater to the needs of your family. If you want to add a little something extra to your gift, then a diffuser or these perfume wax melts also pair wonderfully with a welcome mat. They help to create a homely atmosphere as you walk through the doorway and smell the beautiful fragrances.

#2: Serving tray

There are serving trays with beautiful hand paintings done on them with water color that are among the best for summer purposes. You will also get serving trays that are made of eco-friendly bamboo. You will find it great to sit on a coffee table even when it is not in use. If you wish to gift a coffee espresso machine, you may check this website. If you want to help the new homeowner with household items, a serving tray is a good idea.

#3: Wine Bag and Cooler

We all know that new homeowners would love to celebrate their feat of venturing into homeownership with a bottle of wine. The lightweight paper of this chilled wine bag is designed to look like leather but this also has stain and water-resistant properties. These wine bags also have a beautiful Italian cover that are available in different colors like grey, blush, brown and black. The material can also be reused.

#4: Moscow Mule Mugs

Does your new homeowner love the idea of handmade cocktails? If answered yes, choose to gift him a set of copper mule mugs. These mugs have a nice vintage-style look and have small indents within its body that gives them an attractive look. Even if you leave them on the table, they can be transformed to a nice showpiece.

#5: Customized key ring with a tag

You can also add the new house key to a nice keychain that is made of both steel and leather. You may also customize this tiny piece of accessory by monogramming it with your choice of letters and font. This will turn it into a thoughtful housewarming gift that can be tailored to meet the needs of the new homeowner.

Therefore, now that you know the different gift ideas for your new homeowner friend, try investing in any one of them. To know more on how to spot a good destination for moving, you may check this website.