5 Inspirations for Spicing up Your Brand Emails

Marketing is and will forever remain a core component of brand growth and reach. While many traditional forms of advertising have fallen by the wayside in recent years due to the growth of the internet, a variety of new marketing strategies have likewise emerged. Many forms of digital marketing, in particular, are low-cost and highly effective when utilized properly: however, the question for most brands is which strategies are the most efficient for their needs.

Without a doubt, email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing methods for brands that have access to an established mailing or subscriber list. Given that emails can be sent for free and that email marketing services are extremely low-cost, it provides one of the best returns on investment of any advertising strategy in existence.

With that being said, what can brands do to improve the look, feel and overall quality of their email marketing campaigns? Since so many are asking, let’s examine five methods anyone can take advantage of to spice up any future brand emails.

Invest in Templates

Brands cannot afford to send simple text-based campaigns to their subscribers and expect phenomenal results. Whether your brand has been using this outdated method or has been relying upon a standard email template for some time, investing in new email templates is highly recommended for spicing up future emails.

You can easily design various templates from the ground up or download or purchase any number of pre-existing templates. SendinBlue, for example, offers a variety of template options and inspirations for brands that want to work from a tried and tested foundation. These professional templates can be used with any email marketing service and will add a bit of professionalism to any existing brand email campaign.

Alter the Frequency

In many forms of content creation, frequency is key. For example, visitors to your blog will be more likely to return if they know that new posts are made on a specific day each week. With email marketing, however, you have greater freedom to experiment and doing so may yield some important findings.

By altering when you send brand emails, you may discover that recipients are more receptive to content on specific days, at specific hours or even when emails are being sent less frequently. After some trial and error, you’ll have a variety of data points that can then be used to determine which frequencies yield the best results. Even if there is a clear preference, it is recommended that you continue to alter the frequency on occasion, just to see if any new preference patterns emerge.

Utilize Email Marketing Services

When brands are small, and the content of their emails are relatively simple, the need for email marketing services may feel excessive. Likewise, smaller brands may be using a free email marketing solution in lieu of a more premium offering. However, migrating to a higher-quality email marketing service opens up your brand email campaigns to a variety of new possibilities.

You can acquire insight and resources on email hosting services through online research from sites similar to simplelists.com/. Such tools can let you create a private email server for your paid subscribers to provide them with extra benefits, including communication through a secured email channel within the members.

Additionally, dozens of unique features – such as scheduling campaigns in advance, conducting A/B testing to find the best configurations for each campaign, and easily segmenting your subscribers into multiple sub-lists – can be accessed with these services.

All of the above-stated features can spice up and improve your brand marketing.

Personalize Campaigns

Brands that do a good job at humanizing themselves to their audiences tend to enjoy better results from their marketing efforts. Likewise, brands that give subscribers a more personalized experience also see greater growth than those that don’t. As such, any brand email campaign should focus on mastering various elements of personalization.

This can include – but is not limited to – adding photos of your brand’s staff and inner-workings to emails, providing subscribers with personalized messages in each campaign, segmenting your subscriber base in order to provide more specific email campaigns and using analytics and recommendations to better suggest products or content to users via email.

Invest in High-Quality Content

If you really want to spice up your brand emails, then content is absolutely king. While your current emails may be filled with useful information, the presentation matters just as much. Most modern brand emails include headers, logos, and a variety of images and links to assist readers with coming to the desired conclusions on their own.

Not every brand has expert graphic designers and content creators in-house, but any brand can source these skills from a variety of talented professionals. By investing in solid blog content and multimedia, your emails will be perceived by readers as more professional both in terms of style and substance.

While it’s true that virtually every brand has room for improvement with respect to their email campaigns, some have more room to grow than others. If spicing up your brand emails is a necessary task, then consider the five tips above as important steps you can take starting today to polish these campaigns and ensure better reception from your subscriber base.