4 Key benefits of Office 365 in Modern Businesses

If you are an office based business you will more than likely be familiar with Microsoft Office. Its continued development from its earliest iterations means it now has more features than ever before.

If your business is still using the standard Microsoft Office you are missing out on the fantastic features of Office 365. Here are 4 of the key benefits of adopting the cloud version of Microsoft Office.

  1. You can access support from any device through the internet

If the idea of being a ‘digital nomad‘ is appealing to you then working in a business that uses office 365 could open the door to a variety of business opportunities. The cloud-based aspect of this system means you can work anywhere but more importantly you can get support for any device anywhere as well.
The promotion of a BYOD culture in your office also reduces the need for constant IT support, at least from an internal support group. When you do need help, you can access support specifically for your device, meaning the support you do need is purposeful and effective. You may even find as a result of this that you no longer need an in-house IT support team. Though it would most likely still be beneficial to have a managed IT services Brisbane professional on hand just to manage your network and ensure that if something does go wrong, that it is smoothed out quickly. For almost every business – big or small – digital technology is becoming increasingly important. In many companies, IT usage is not just viewed as an asset, but also as a source of internal IT support and services. To achieve this, many businesses outsource their IT support services. The right implementation of technology is crucial for the successful operation of your business. Whatever you do, you will rely on technology somehow, whether you are a lawyer, a manufacturer, a charity, or a hair salon. Choosing a reliable IT service provider (Learn More about this here) thus becomes paramount if you plan to outsource your IT in order to ensure your business has reliable support.All in all, Office 365 does its best to ensure all major working devices are supported.

  1. Minimise initial upfront investment

The fact that Office 365 is an ongoing subscription cost means you are able to record the price of using it as an ongoing operating cost. This has various accounting benefits and reduces the need for a big upfront investment as typical with the regular Microsoft Office.

  1. Collaboration is made easy

Cloud computing coupled with BYOD culture makes collaboration effortless. This makes the functioning of modern offices through flexi-time and remote working arrangements a breeze. Additionally having all of your documents to hand means you can freely go in and out of meetings knowing that you are prepared. This could promote better projects and helps reduce the barriers to your employees working together on group projects.

The Benefits of collaboration are very visible; you are able to involve everyone in the organisation and get multiple perspectives on projects. Office 365. It also makes it easier to delegate work between employees which can reduce the threat of employee burnout.

  1. You can work from any of your devices

As stated earlier the perks of being able to work on any of your device with Office 365 cannot be understated. You are given instant access to your notes from your phone if you are heading to a meeting and you can work on your laptop from home if you are not well enough to go into the office.

Use an expert IT Service Company to Handle your Cloud 365 Migration

If you are already using non-cloud based Office system the challenge of moving it onto a cloud platform like Office 365 may seem daunting. If you get in contact with an expert IT services provider you will minimise the chance of your operations being disrupted. This will allow you to focus more on your business functions that generate revenue for your company.