10 Tools essential to begin a renovation business

Home renovation is a promising business that attracts several new and upcoming entrepreneurs. The fact that trends in the construction and interior design industry are changing rapidly and people are trying to keep up with those trends, a boom in the field is imperative. No matter how attractive and easy the task seam in online videos and TV shows, it needs a lot of preparations. The foremost is the set of tools that you would need including drills, measuring tape, electric screwdriver at Sydney Tools, etc.

Apart from certifications and expertise, tools are the basic requirement to commence a renovation business. Even if you decide to begin with small projects and do not have enough capital to invest in high-tech and sophisticated tools, you need at least some of them. Here are some tools that can set you off the mark.

  • Measuring tape

A measuring tape is the best mate of every contractor. You need to make sure that your tape is more sturdy than any ordinary tape and can withstand frequent falls from the roof. Also, find one that can be stopped from rolling in to make measuring more convenient.

  • Japanese cat’s paw

This is another inexpensive yet extremely useful tool. It is essentially a hammer with both straight and curved claws and can be used for multiple purposes even as a nail gun.

  • Cordless drill and screwdriver

Drilling and screwing are integral parts of every renovation project. A cordless drill and screwdriver can be used anywhere with a single hand, is lightweight, durable, and have a shorter charging time. A cordless screwdriver can tighten even the toughest screws.

  • Speed square

This is another inexpensive tool that is often considered confusing as it can take you back to your school’s trigonometry class. However, it is highly useful in guiding a saw like a protector or a ruler guides a pencil.

  • Oscillating tools

An oscillating tool is a multipurpose tool that can do almost everything. It comes with various attachments that make it capable to reach difficult places while sanding or cutting wood or pipes.

  • Pliers

Pliers come in different types such as crimping, snub nose, needle nose, slip joint, and pincer plier. Based on the need, you use different pliers at different places, However, the most popular is the needle-nose as it can hold things even in compact spaces.

  • Sledgehammer

Renovation projects often begin with significant demolition that cannot be accomplished with a Cat’s paw. A sledgehammer helps you take down a superfluous wall in no time.

  • Saw

You would need both a hand saw and a table or circular saw. While a hand saw is great for smaller jobs in tight spaces, a table saw is great for repetitive tasks and helps you cut wood precisely and rapidly.

  • Ladder

You cannot renovate a place without reaching the heights. A ladder helps you reach the ceiling, roof, and other high places with ease. Make sure you pick one that provides firm support, comfortable standing, and comes with attachments for different positions.

  • Duct tape

Finally, duct tape. It is a simple tool that needs no introduction. It is the most essential tool that is used in multiple renovation jobs and can be a great savior many times.

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