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Tips for effective remote recruitment and onboarding

We are delighted to share our top tips for remote recruitment and onboarding. TidyChoice is a digital services platform specialising in domestic cleaning in London. We have hundreds of cleaners on our platform and have a continuous requirement for new professionals. We had to adjust some recruitment processes but we were able to adapt it […]

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Creative Tips for Improved Shop Design

gray and blue Open signage

There is an ongoing discussion within the retail sector regarding shop design. For years, design choices, such as the layout of a shop floor and the height of shelving, have been scrutinised to figure out how to maximise customer satisfaction and sales. It is a focus that spans psychology, sociology, and architecture, one that also […]

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What Businesses Can Learn From The Challenge of 2020

An essential component of a successful business has always been adaptability. No matter how robust a company seems at any given moment there are always potential events that can compromise its security. These events may occur internally or externally and to various degrees, occasionally being almost impossible to predict. In fact, the confidence of a […]

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